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Case study: How to increase your retargeting conversions by 20%

This week’s guest blog post is contributed by Jonathan Seidner, Senior Director, Engineering, Oracle Data Cloud.

One of the most effective advertising mechanisms in wide use today is retargeting, the delivery of relevant and focused ads to consumers when it matters most: soon after purchase intent is revealed.

The fact that most consumers now conduct their research and shopping across multiple connected devices drastically reduces the effectiveness of the traditional, cookie-based retargeting approach.

This is because it only functions on a single device, making it much too easy to completely miss the opportunity for a successful retargeting campaign if the customer happens to be using a different device during the critical purchase-decision period.

Adding cross-device consumer mapping to retargeting

We recently received data from a client of ours, a leading programmatic retargeter (that prefers to remain anonymous), demonstrating the power of cross-device data.

Our client was looking for a way to extend their retargeting capabilities across devices.

They were specifically interested in leveraging data that would allow them to deliver personalized in-app retargeting ads on mobile devices to consumers who had recently visited the website of a particular e-retailer client on PCs.

By adding our cross-device identification (desktop-to-mobile-app) data to an ongoing retargeting campaign, the retargeter was able to increase conversions for this large e-retailer by 20%!

How they did it

The retargeter used Device Map by Crosswise to extend the retargeting campaigns for a leading retailer to in-app advertising on mobile devices, significantly increasing the ad inventory available for the same number of users.

Our device map identifies which PCs, phones, tablets and other connected devices are being used by individual consumers.

The particular device map used by the retargeter contains approximately 1.2B pairs of devices matched to individual consumers across two separate geographic regions.

By delivering personalized in-app ads to the mobile devices of consumers who had previously visited the e-retailer’s website on a PC, the retargeter was able to increase the number of ad clicks by 60 percent, and the number of post-click conversions by 20 percent.

This drastic improvement, enabled by the Crosswise Device Map, substantially boosted the revenues and ROI of the retailer’s retargeting campaign.

You can do it too

If you are ad adtech vendor or sophisticated advertiser, you can also increase the clicks and conversions delivered by mobile retargeting campaigns by extending personalized retargeting campaigns from PCs to in-app ads on mobile devices. There are, of course, many other valuable use cases as well.

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