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Improve your (after)marketing in 3 SEMA-ready steps

Guest Author

This week’s guest blog post is contributed by Aimee LaFerriere, Industry Strategy Manager, Automotive, Oracle Data Cloud.

In the automotive aftermarket, it can be hard for marketers to create smart, efficient strategies to connect the right product with the right consumer in a relevant way.

Thousands of new automotive products are launched every year and glamorized at SEMA, the annual conference for the automotive aftermarket, where more than 2K exhibitors gather to showcase the latest products and technologies targeted at coveted automotive enthusiasts.

But hope lies in the data

Each day, your customers are shopping online for specialized products, learning about new technologies and connecting with like-minded gearheads.

Social media channels and car forums are inundated with people sharing advice about their latest car projects and problems.

Whether you’re looking to acquire customers for a specialized performance racing component, a car-care product or an off-road truck accessory, your customers are generating vast quantities of data online every single day.

And that can help you focus your campaign to reach the right audiences.

How can you harness all of this great information to find the right customer for your specific product?

We’ve simplified the process into three steps:

  1. Use data as your roadmap
    Start with data, whether it’s your own CRM or Oracle Data Cloud’s behavior-based data, to gain a deeper understanding of your buyers to help you navigate a precise strategy to reach them.

  2. Leverage data insights to narrow your target
    Use this understanding to refine an audience or build a custom audience to target those people most likely to be searching for or interested in your products.
  3. Adjust and refine to drive better performance
    Just like tuning a car, you may need to adjust your audiences and strategy over time to make your campaigns even more powerful. Use data to guide your decision-making process and check back continually.

The simple fact is, gaining a deeper understanding of your customers by profiling who they are, where they shop, what they buy and what they search for online allows you to effectively identify and reach the right customers.

Let’s use an example of a marketing campaign for a new performance brake-pad kit. Data-driven profiling could reveal that your customers are do-it-yourselfers in their twenties, live in rural areas and are passionate about muscle cars.

This information will then inform your strategy to target these customers.

Since performance brake-pad kits are not a one-size-fits-all product, there will be additional efficiencies gained by narrowing your audience selections to reach only owners of the makes, models and years for which your products fit—this helps you to reduce wasted ad spend.

In cases where there are not readily available audiences specific enough for your campaign, Oracle Data Cloud can build custom audiences to reach your specialized buyer.

For companies just starting to use data to drive their marketing strategies (and even for those who have been at it awhile), regularly assessing and revising your audience strategy will improve performance over time.

Whether you’re selling parts & accessories, tires or motorcycles, we’re here to help. 

With our team of aftermarket marketing experts and the most comprehensive collection of automotive and consumer data and audiences—available through key platforms such as Facebook, Google and Amazon—you can be sure your campaign is guided by the most high-quality data in-market.

Reach out to your client partner or contact The Data Hotline for help with any data-driven automotive campaign. (What's The Data Hotline?)  

About Aimee LaFerriere

Aimee LaFerriere is the Industry Strategy Manager for the Automotive team at Oracle Data Cloud. Aimee has more than nine years of experience in the automotive industry, previously in dealership operations—parts and service management.

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