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How to improve your reach with cross-device

This week’s guest blog post is contributed by Curt Blattner, Head of OnRamp Solutions, Oracle Data Cloud.

Most companies comparing CRM onboarding providers are laser focused on cookies.

They want to know who has the most reach against their audience in terms of active cookies, as cookies have been the dominant currency for digital advertising for the last decade.

However, with rise of mobile devices, too often we find there isn’t enough focus on the cross-device component.

As a marketer, it is important to understand how many of your customers can be accurately tied to mobile ad IDs for in-app advertising.

Without this full picture, marketers miss a huge opportunity.

Challenges with mobile

This year, more than two-thirds of the U.S. population will use a smartphone and eight in 10 internet users will use a mobile phone to access the web regularly, according to eMarketer. It’s easy to see why brands want to get on board with targeting in this space, but there are a number of challenges that may arise.

According to Audrey Thompson, Director of Data Science at Oracle Data Cloud, the biggest challenge is there are multiple identifiers for the same device.

First, there’s the web environment and the app environment, which are separate. Second, each of these environments presents their own challenges where multiple IDs exist all representing the same device.

Depending on the type of device you have and the type of browser you use, the behaviors of the identifiers differ. 

Additionally, some marketers developed a bit of tunnel vision and overly focused on trying to design mobile campaigns to become clones of desktop campaigns, basically showing performance based on the same set of established metrics and goals, according to Mike Jurbala, Associate Director, Digital Data, Merkle Inc.

Mike explains that for marketers to assert themselves, a strategy including device targeting is the smartest path, due to the persistence of the IDs and the fidelity of the link to an actual individual.

Why you should care about mobile

Our data shows the importance of tying PII datasets and cookies to mobile ad IDs is vital in a world where 65 percent of digital media is now consumed on a mobile device—primarily on apps.

As Eyal Yechezkell, Founder, OneAudience says, brands need to be thinking about their mobile as a part of their overall integrated marketing strategy—they shouldn’t provide a siloed mobile experience where they have a separate campaign strategy set up for email, display, desktop and print.

“Consumers expect a seamlessly integrated brand experience,” said Eyal. “A brand’s mobile strategy should always be considered in combination with the other disciplines in which they advertise.”

The bottom line: incorporate online and offline ID spaces

The ability to accurately associate mobile ad IDs with your audience is critical to reaching your customers in all digital environments, not just on browsers (desktop or mobile) on their preferred device.

As Audrey Thompson explains, by incorporating online and offline ID spaces, we help advertisers deliver more relevant, unified messaging to actual consumers across more channels, and then measure the effectiveness of this advertising in driving sales.

The Oracle ID Graph, driven by data and data science, gives us a complete picture of a consumer across multiple ID spaces, extending beyond just mobile, and rooted in actual users,” Audrey explains.

“This holistic view of ID spaces across multiple marketing channels, not just mobile, well positions us to overcome over-arching industry challenges related to the mobile environment.”

Be sure your onboarding efforts and match tests are leveraging mobile ad IDs—you’ll more than double your campaign reach. And if you are comparing providers, test for accuracy. The differences will be stark and the impact profound.  

Learn how Oracle Data Cloud can help you connect the dots for your campaign.

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