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  • March 16, 2016

How to find the audience of your dreams

Programmatic marketers need better ways to cut through the noise to find their best audiences. Most employ various combinations of curated, custom, and look-alike audiences in search of the perfect blend of precision and reach. But how can you have confidence in the quality before investing precious campaign dollars?

To learn more about the process by which marketers find or create their perfect audience match, Digiday and AddThis surveyed nearly 200 marketers about their planning and tactics. Here’s what we learned:

1. More data options, beyond demographics, for audience building.

Demographic data (age, gender, sex, etc.) is extremely important for identifying where target customers are in life and what related needs they may have. Behavioral data (lifestyle, hobbies, media behavior, etc.) on the other hand, offers marketers invaluable insight into the actual interests of prospects and customers. And, when it’s fresh, online behavioral data can really drive campaign performance.

2. More efficient ways to scale custom audiences.

While standard audiences can power awareness and consideration campaigns, conversion and loyalty campaigns require something more specific. Most marketers choose to build custom audiences, but are challenged to achieve appropriate scale. There is a real need for partners who can help create a high-quality seed audience and then model that audience for precision and reach.

3. More transparency and control when building and scaling audiences.

For programmatic to grow, marketers need to trust that the audiences they buy are built with quality data and scaled with addressable users, not bots. In this survey, marketers were nearly unanimous in their desire for more transparency and control over audience creation and modeling.

Read the full report, “State of the Industry: How marketers match campaigns with the right audience” to dive deeper into this survey. You’ll learn the sentiments around standard audiences, the challenges to custom audiences and how marketers can break open the black box for more transparency. Let’s turn the audience dream into a reality!

This week’s guest blog is contributed by Maggie Clark, Senior Manager of Marketing, AddThis.

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