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  • March 1, 2016

How to effectively target spring break audiences

Spring break is here! Instead of braving the cold temps for another month this winter, many customers are choosing to head to warmer climates. But if you’ve ever wondered how marketers can target these travelers effectively, don’t worry – we have answers!

Our experts at The Data Hotline were inspired by our Special Events: Spring Break category (people who have declared they are 18-24 years old and demonstrated interest in Spring Break or Vacation Travel), and have put together this research on spring break audiences you should consider targeting this month:

Young & Hip Customers
These consumers love to be on the cutting edge of new products and trends across fashion, accessories, furniture and entertainment. If you’re targeting spring break audiences, be sure to target this audience category as well to see results.

Leisure Travelers
These consumers spend a lot of time away from home exploring the world or visiting friends and relatives. They have made travel a priority in their lives. Target this audience category and you’re bound to find spring break audiences are targeted, too.

Mode of Transportation
How will spring break audiences get to their destinations this month? Perhaps the spring break trip in itself is a cruise? Target by type of travel (car, boat, plane) and discover more details your customers’ travel style for more effective reach.

Travel Sized Items
It’s almost guaranteed that spring break audiences will be taking along some luggage, but what exactly will they be packing? From travel-sized tissues, razors, lotions, sunscreen and more, targeting this audience category is a great strategic move if your goal is reaching spring break audiences this month.

This is just a sample of spring break audiences that Oracle Data Cloud has to offer. 

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