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Expanding your reach while maintaining brand safety

This article is the third in a series of Oracle Data Cloud articles about brand safety. You can read the first two articles here and here.


A key benefit programmatic marketing offers is the ability to evolve strategies to expand reach while also continuing to market to preferred audiences. Marketers do this by:

  • Following preferred audiences into new environments
  • Extending campaigns into new, trending environments likely to attract their audiences

The two strategies can overlap, and both can work, but each requires a skilled approach to ensure they’re not straying into unsafe territory. 


Follow your audience

We’re not talking about harassing your target audiences with repetitive ads that stalk them as they browse. That’s not something you’d want to do.

Rather, we’re talking about allowing your target audiences to open doors to new ad venues that could work well for your campaign.

Unfortunately, your audiences may lead you into some pretty scary places. You can avoid that danger by using blacklists to mark URLs out of bounds, but blacklists limit opportunity and offer no protection against cleverly spoofed domains.

Another option is to use a brand safety tool that acts as a scout, thoroughly checking the area before you enter the space. A very quick and clever contextual intelligence scout acts in (almost) real time, scanning more than three million URLs and pages of content per second. 


Extend into new and trending environments

“Timing is everything” is a cliché because it’s so true. But today, a marketer’s timing has to be lightning quick. Trends come and go so fast that by the time audiences fully grasp a trend, it’s on the way out. The same is true with breaking news—once you hear the scoop, it’s heading for the recycling bin.

Ideally, you want to hit news and emerging trends as they’re breaking and get attention at peak exposure. Doing this successfully takes advance planning that allows you to spot synergies between content, context, and your brand.

Here are some tips for getting ahead of trends to capitalize on finding new audiences:

  • Work with brand marketers and agencies to create keywords lists that align with a brand and desired audiences.
  • Use technology that can scan content, identify associated keywords that are appearing in context with your keywords list, and add them to segments to identify more inventory for your message.
  • Update the associated keywords list every day to keep it current. As words gain popularity, add them to your targeting. As they fade, remove them. This combination will allow you to stay on the breaking edge of the wave and take advantage of pre-demand pricing. 


Download our brand safety guide and learn how to move from cautious to confident in a programmatic environment.


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