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  • August 3, 2016

Flipboard's essential tips for data-driven marketing

This week’s guest blog is an excerpt from the original article, published in our official Oracle Data Cloud Cannes Lions magazine, written by Deema Tamimi, Head of Product and Performance Marketing, Flipboard.

One of the main misconceptions about data-driven marketing is that it’s just about numbers and cranking dials up or down to increase desired behaviors. While this does have some truth to it, good data-driven marketing is more about the insights you glean from data, and leveraging that information to improve (and increase) a user’s interaction with your product or brand.

Remembering the customers and your relationship with them is tremendously important because it ensures that your growth tactics don’t stray too far from the value you want to bring to your users. After all, your data-driven marketing efforts are usually meant to help you get more customers using your product more readily. They’re not and should not (in most cases) be a product unto themselves. Your personalized welcome email should help users get more value out of your product, but it is in most cases not meant to be your product.

So keeping the customer in mind, here are my top seven data-driven marketing tips.

1: Start by saying “hello.” And make it personal (with data) if you can

Introduce yourself early on, whether in your onboarding or in a welcome email and ask your customers to introduce themselves then or soon after. It’s like dating. You say “Hi” and a bit about yourself; the other person says “Hi” back. And if you know a bit about that person before the first date, you’d use that info to make a good first impression, right? It’s a great way to reinforce the value you plan to bring to your customer and start a relationship with them especially if you plan to do a good job with tip #2—start with hello, then move on to the information gathering.

2: Gather and use data to build your relationship

Like any relationship, information is key to making experiences better. If your friend says she likes orange flowers, get her some orange flowers on her birthday. She’ll be far more excited than if you get her white ones. This works the same for the relationship you have with your customers, and it’s why personalization and progressively building up user profiles are so important. At Flipboard, personalization is central to our product, so we strive to understand our users interests as soon as possible.

3: Build or buy your data-driven communication channels and include your engineers early on

You’ll need these channels (in-product education, email, notifications, SMS, etc.) and engineers to help you instrument your product or site so you are collecting the data you need to effectively communicate with your customers at the right time i n their lifecycle. In addition to data access, you’ll need to build the communication system that taps into your data and you’ll want to build it to scale with your product and growing user base.

4: Be a good guide without getting in the way of your customer’s journey – Data will be your guide

Product education in and outside of your core product is useful, but don’t overuse it or you’ll get in the way of the actual value your product is supposed to be delivering. Using data whenever possible to inform your decision on whether to educate or message a user will help you strike that balance. With usage data and/or a thorough user profile, you know what your user has or has not learned and where they are in their lifecycle so that you only show them the things they need to know at the right time.

Read more tips from Deema in our Oracle Data Cloud Live at Cannes Lions magazine.

About Deema Tamimi:

Deema Tamimi is an experienced marketer who’s worked for several of the tech industry’s hottest companies and startups. She’s currently leading product and growth marketing at Flipboard, the world’s best personal magazine, where she’s focused on user acquisition and retention. She comes to Flipboard with over 10 years of product marketing leadership at such companies as YouTube/Google, Xbox/Microsoft and Scribd.

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