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The DMP Checklist: Core questions to ask your DMP provider

You wouldn’t buy a house or a car without doing some research first, right?  

The same goes for purchasing a data management platform (DMP).

While once reserved exclusively for brands with the largest budgets, DMPs are now pervasive in the digital advertising industry.

Today, 91 percent of advertisers already employ one or are considering buying one in the next year.

Before you jump into a multi-year, multi-faceted purchase like a DMP, dig into the details and ask the right questions.

In today’s complex digital advertising ecosystem, there’s a slew of DMP players and an endless amount of information to digest.

For day-to-day and long-term strategic success of a DMP, key functionality, partnership dynamics, and a robust back-end architecture all must be rock solid before you commit to anything.

Here’s a DMP Checklist to ensure you get the answers you need to avoid buyer’s remorse.


These are a few questions to ask potential DMP providers to make sure you’re getting to the core of their offering:

1. What percent of an audience can I target?

Because of deficiencies buried deep within their back-end architecture, many DMPs will experience significant “drop-off” in delivering audiences to media platforms.

While these DMPs might promise one thing upfront, it’s not uncommon to hear of an only 30 to 60 percent delivery of an audience once the campaign is launched.

To ensure you execute your campaign at the scale you want, dig into the numbers before kicking things off with a potential DMP provider.


2. How will you custom-build data and analytics strategies for my business?

To make the most of a DMP, find one that incorporates all of your strategic needs into both its high-level approach and day-to-day operations.

A service model and client-success roadmap sound great but aren’t enough to guarantee success.

Companies today have multifaceted needs, multiple teams with varying levels of knowledge, and different goals. These complex challenges require expertise.

Look for client-facing data scientists and strategists who are available 24/7 and are ready to solve even the most complex problems.


3. How quickly will an audience be delivered and scaled?

Because of infrastructure limitations, audiences from many DMPs will take between two to four weeks to initially scale, and up to 48 hours to add new users.

Often DMPs will say they can deliver data in real time, which might be true, but only if an ID is already matched.

Most DMPs don’t maintain IDs to this level—look for a provider with a well-established identity solution that executes fulfillments globally and syncs new users within milliseconds.


Get our checklist with all 7 questions to ask your DMP provider. For more questions about the DMP, head to The Data Hotline, where data experts are on hand to answer all of your data questions. 

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