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Disneyland Paris uses contextual intelligence to help families find fun

Carlotta Zorzi
Director, Insights Development

Anything with the name Disney conjures images of imagination, creativity, and a history of excellence in all that the company does. Disneyland Paris is no exception, and as a partner of Oracle Data Cloud for more than 2 years using our Contextual Intelligence technology, the stellar results have proven it.



The Ask

The Solve

The Takeaway

Disneyland Paris wanted to drive a better ROI through a reduced CPA and increased conversion rates on their campaigns.


Oracle Data Cloud used contextual solutions (formerly Grapeshot) across display and video campaigns to ensure Disney’s ads appeared in the right environments and reached the right audiences at scale. They also used curated custom brand safety segments to protect Disney from brand-unsuitable content and environments.


The close partnership with Disneyland Paris resulted in a 250% reduction in CPA for display and a 2X increase in conversions. When results of the Disneyland Paris campaign were measured against competitors’ contextual solutions, Oracle Data Cloud delivered consistently stronger results for Disneyland Paris.














Not only did Contextual Intelligence directly assist in driving real results backed with data, but Disneyland Paris also felt that it was able to achieve its goals in a way that better contributed to the overall online customer experience—an intangible and highly valuable metric for any brand.



“Together, we are driving better outcomes and unlocking new, creative opportunities for our brand. It’s the magical combination of industry-leading technology and trusted partners.”

Sébastien Mayer, Europe Programmatic Audience Management Lead in the Audience & Content Distribution Strategy Department at Disneyland Paris


Up next for the partnership? Disneyland Paris plans to implement Oracle Data Cloud’s predicts segments.

Contextual Intelligence helps brands successfully reach their audiences in relevant environments. In the case of Disneyland Paris, when magic met context, more families discovered the fun and wonder of Disney.


About Carlotta Zorzi

Carlotta Zorzi is a Senior Strategic Account Manager at Oracle Data Cloud. With a history of creating cross-channel strategies and building strong and long lasting relationships with key clients, Carlotta has worked with some of the world's most innovative brands including: Disneyland Paris, Uber, Pernod Ricard and Universal Pictures, making her well versed in managing big accounts. She loves travelling, languages, learning new things, choir concerts and chubby squirrels.

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