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  • October 26, 2016

Make customers your data-driven focus: With Jean Chen, VP of Marketing, Registria

For this week’s blog post, we talked with Jean Chen, VP of Marketing at Registria, where Jean is in charge of company branding and product marketing.

Registria helps improve marketing campaigns by tracking consumer and technology trends that affect customer onboarding and experience for global consumer brands. We asked Jean for insights into the modern buyer experience, customer loyalty and how data can help marketers take their strategy to the next level.

Oracle: How do you think the modern buyer experience has posed challenges for data-driven marketers and how can marketers overcome those challenges?

Jean Chen: Customers today have access to more information, faster than ever before. The discerning buyer can immediately absorb information and reviews from social, mobile and online channels – gathering formal and informal, structured and unstructured data points to decide on a specific brand and product.

All of this means that the customer journey is now more fluid and iterative than the traditional linear purchase funnel. The challenge is that many brands are missing the opportunity to connect with buyers in the channels they prefer throughout the process, from pre- to post-purchase. Data-driven marketers need to take an active role in the customer journey, by either using the data they have available, or obtaining new data to engage with customers.

Oracle: Why is brand advocacy important and how can data help connect the dots for marketers?

Jean Chen: A buyer’s experience, from their first product interaction onward, will shape brand advocacy – meaning a successful post-purchase experience is critical. Establishing an immediate, direct connection with customers who have made a purchase is key in building relationships and loyalty.

We help brands establish that instant, direct connection with mobile, reaching buyers through text, social messaging apps or email. When brands connect in this personal way, by providing product information, helpful tips and access to support, it creates a positive customer onboarding process and builds affinity and loyalty to that brand.   

Oracle: When should data-driven marketers focus on existing customers over new customers? What kind of advice would you give to a brand seeking out both?

Jean Chen: Both existing and new customers are important and we believe that both types of relationships can be enhanced through the use of product registration data.

Knowing who your new customers are and being able to reach them with information they need, upgrades, safety recalls and more is made easier with extensive, accurate data on your existing customers.

And registration data specifically can be extremely beneficial in reaching new customers. Demographic data collected on existing customers through accurate, immediate product registration sources helps companies build more precise customer profiles that can be used to create digital and email marketing campaigns that target the right new customers. 

Oracle: What is the one thing data-driven marketers should be thinking about to take their campaign strategy to the next level?

Jean Chen: Customers today are active participants in their own purchase journey. The most important thing for brands to consider is context. How are you reaching customers, on what channels, with what message and when? To go global with our clients, we had to move beyond text messaging and integrate social messaging and chatbots to engage, connect and transact with international buyers. 

Customer data is essential for a marketer’s strategy: it helps marketers understand how their customers get information, how they communicate with each other and what influences their decisions. The key is to leverage that to evolve your marketing approach, reaching them where they are, with the messages that will help move them from prospect to customer, or from customer to loyal brand ambassador.  

About Jean Chen
Jean has over 20 years of experience in designing marketing and business strategies for top brands like Google, Verizon, and Pepsi as well as product manufacturers like Honeywell and HP. At Registria, her team tracks consumer and technology trends that affect customer onboarding and experience for global consumer brands, including the increased use of chatbots, social messaging and mobile across key consumer segments.

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