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Cultivating quality data – Recruiting branded data providers

Oracle Data Cloud gives businesses access to data on 110MM U.S. households, $3T in consumer transactions and from over 1,50 data providers through the BlueKai Marketplace. That’s more data than any other platform. While we focus on volume, we really focus on quality.

We offer not only 40,000+ audiences from our curated data, but our Business Development team at Oracle strives to bring best-of-breed brands into the BlueKai Marketplace. When sourcing branded data partners, our team wants to ensure that we are bringing in assets that are valuable to our buyers.

What makes assets valuable?

Value can be derived from many factors such as uniqueness and brand equity. Often, our mantra is, “think like a marketer.” Before we begin, our team always asks, “Are there very granular types of data that marketers are looking for, or is there a large and trusted data player who naturally draws demand just from their brand alone?” Then, we get to work. Here are three considerations we make when recruiting branded data partners:

What is the Demand?

We never look at a provider in isolation, but rather amongst our current data footprint in order to generate the greatest network effects within the data ecosystem. The Oracle Data Cloud is in a unique position in that we have a multitude of ways to measure demand through teams such as our channel partner managers (we have direct relationships with our buyers), The Data Hotline, and large portfolio of marketer DMP clients. This allows us to gauge in real-time what the market is currently demanding. Thus, our taxonomy is always evolving to adapt to present and future data needs.

Can we Scale it?

With all of our providers, we want to ensure that we are able to bring enough scale to the platform in order for buyers to effectively run campaigns. Even in cases where the data provider may have a highly granular asset, we need to make sure that we can bring it into the Audience Data Marketplace in a scalable and usable fashion.

What’s the Quality?

We hold all of our data providers to strict guidelines in adhering to global privacy policies and data collection transparency. We also view data quality as a function of both uniqueness and accuracy. It provides the marketer the highest degree of confidence that they are reaching the specified audience as requested.

This week’s post is contributed by Jeff Teng, Senior Director, Business Development, Oracle Data Cloud.

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