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Aligning cross-screen marketing with in-store touchpoints from Tapad

This week’s guest blog post is contributed by Kate O’Loughlin, GM, Tapad Media.

At Tapad, we see 2016 as the year personalized advertising began to include brick-and-mortar retail in the mix. The use of in-store touchpoints, from beacons to Wi-Fi based triggers, contains considerable potential for marketers and retailers alike – especially because around 90% of purchases still occur within physical stores.

Retail aisles, however, offer up an overwhelming and growing amount of choice to consumers, which can make it hard for any brand looking to stand out in the crowd.

Luckily, personalization of messaging declutters the advertising space and gives these brands an opportunity to break through the noise. Retailers can use beacons and in-store Wi-Fi networks to know when their targeted consumers are on-site, allowing engagement with shoppers who are making purchasing decisions at that very moment.

From a marketer’s perspective, in-store touchpoints also offer up a great opportunity to better understand consumers’ real-world behavior. In one recent example, a marketplace first, Tapad and Carat North delivered a 59% conversion rate on their in-store, cross-screen campaign for ASDA, an American-owned British-founded supermarket retailer.

The digital campaign drove a 67% lift for in-store visits for the UK chain. Moreover, those who engaged with ads were 411% more likely to visit the store.

Overall, we’re starting to think more about reaching consumers based on their behaviors, not just on their devices. The more assumptions that marketers can glean from the data consumers are sharing, the more relevant they can make the experience.

Today, it may be in-store touchpoints providing the additional insight; tomorrow, it could be internet connected devices around the home.

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About Kate O’Loughlin:

As employee number three at Tapad, Kate has been instrumental in the company’s 70% YoY growth. She worked with Tapad’s founding members in the planning and creation of the company’s proprietary and award winning technology, The Device Graph™. Now leading the company’s advertising business, Kate oversees Tapad’s Unify Platform, used to serve cross-screen advertising campaigns for marketers.

Additionally, she leads product development, sales alignment and customer relationship management. One example is Tapad’s latest innovation, TV Pulse, which launched in June 2015. As the TV Pulse business lead, Kate oversees all initiatives that allow marketers to connect linear television data with digital campaigns—another first-of-its-kind for the industry.

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