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Cross-device targeting sees advancements in 2017

Last year, we discussed the frustration marketers (and customers) are experiencing with cross-device targeting. From fragmentation to ad blockers, there are more challenges to personalization across multiple devices. But one concept remains the most vital: Staying customer focused is the glue holding our fragmented journey together.

With the customer in mind, let’s examine what 2017 has in store for data-driven marketers, eager to not only maintain their customer relationships, but build on them.

The glass is half full

While challenges reaching consumers across devices still exist, the difference now is that they are better known to the industry as a whole. According to eMarketer, in recent months, advertisers’ understanding of cross-device targeting (including identity-matching methodologies that connect the dots) has improved. With that, marketers also are examining where improvements are needed to advance personalization strategies.

“Cross device is becoming more about proving value across the ecosystem and connecting offline purchases back to online behavior,” said Ajit Thupil, Director, ID Graph, Oracle Data Cloud to eMarketer. “And to do that, you need a strong identity solution or an ID graph to link those two spaces together.”

Now that cross-device theory is better understood across the ecosystem, expectations for improved application and connection are higher, too. Data-driven marketers are hoping the types of data added to identity graphs, including location-based targeting abilities, can find marked improvement in reaching the customers they care about.

More devices, more opportunities

The proliferation of mobile devices is staggering: it’s estimated this year the number of smartphone users in the U.S. will reach 222.9MM, with smartphone users worldwide exceeding 2B. And while that sounds like it only has negative consequences, there are positives to experience from so many connected users. One important concept is there will be more opportunities to leverage location-based data.

According to AdWeek, mobile unlocks location data, or “the cookie of the real world,” allowing advertisers to understand consumers based on the places they visit in real time. The ability to streamline and improve campaigns with daily data insights from mobile is certainly a benefit becoming more accessible.

As The Drum explains, increased use of mobile devices can help TV too. Whether it’s a reminder on a smartphone that the new “Game of Thrones” episode is available, or a promo code that unlocks a limited-time offer page, marketing via TV will focus on creating memorable cross-device user experiences.

Looking to the future

As challenges arise with cross-device, marketers taking those vital first steps to address areas for improvement, apply data-driven strategy and put the customer experience first are well on their way to seeing success in 2017 and beyond.

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