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The advantages of cross-device data providers (that don’t require you to pool your data)

Guest Author

This week’s guest blog post is contributed by David Fishman, VP Sales & Business Development, Oracle Data Cloud.

Cross-device data providers supply datasets (also known as device maps or device graphs) that identify the various devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) used by individual consumers.

These device maps provide critical information that allows advertisers, publishers and others to effectively reach users across their devices for purposes such as cross-device retargetingcross-device analytics, cross-device conversion attribution and cross-device content personalization.

Some device map providers demand that their clients to provide, in return, observational data from their own users so that the provider can pool this data and enhance the device maps they offer to all their other clients.

While some clients may not have any issue with doing so, there are a number of problems with this proposition that device map consumers need to be aware of:

  • Depending on how the client collects its information, there may be legal or privacy issues involved in sharing this data. As a recent MediaPost article stated, “By allowing your own customer data to be pooled by others, you lose control over what happens to it and risk breaking trust with your audience.”
  • This forces the client to indirectly share its valuable and proprietary data with other companies, possibly competitors, something that some companies might be reluctant to do.
  • Clients are paying the device map provider for the data they are receiving – it is unfair for a provider to demand clients to both provide data and pay a fee.
  • A device map provider relying on receiving data from its own clients will likely not have the accuracy or scale that you need.

On the other hand, a cross-device map provider that already has a massive dataset and does not require its clients’ data is likely a safer, fairer and more reliable source, with both the scale and accuracy (technically, precision and recall) that its clients actually need.

We, at Crosswise, have the most authoritative source of cross-device mapping data available. Not only do we not require our clients to share their data with us, our only business is creating and selling device map data.

Unlike other providers, we have no involvement in any other business (such as selling media or analytics services), but are exclusively focused on generating the single best source of cross-device map data available. 

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