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5 Simple steps to CPG retail holiday success

This week’s blog post is contributed by Oracle Data Cloud’s Erica Monteith, Manager, CPG Retail and Blake Eisler, Director, Client Solutions.

Standing out in a sea of holiday creative can be difficult, especially for CPG retailers.

How can you capture your fair share of the incremental holiday spend while still serving the everyday needs of your consumer?

Retailers typically see a seasonal increase of 11 percent during the holidays, so capitalizing on those trips is important to increasing revenue.

So, what’s the secret to increasing revenue during the holidays?

We’ve broken it down into five simple steps in order to help you see real success this season:

  1. Start with the past

    Reviewing last year’s data, campaigns, creative and measurement will give you a good understanding of what was relevant and resonated with your audience last year—and what didn’t, in order to determine the best audiences to target, media platforms to activate and creative messaging strategies to implement.

  2. Timing is everything

    The holiday season continues to start earlier and earlier every year, but given budget constraints, marketers can’t afford to wait until the season has already started.

    Profiling your audiences’ shopping and purchase habits helps retailers prioritize and focus their holiday efforts—allowing you to then customize an in-market plan that stretches the budget throughout the long season (making every impression count).
  3. Reward loyal shoppers

    Your most loyal customers will continue to be your biggest spenders during the holidays. Getting them into the store is crucial, in addition to serving up unique offers and trip drivers through multiple addressable channels (direct mail, email, programmatic).

    Be sure to lead with relevancy and ensure your communication strategy is tailored to this top shopper. Additionally, campaign success criteria should align accordingly when activating this top shopper strategy. Household penetration will be the signal and primary metric/KPI.
  1. Consistent brand messaging with a holiday twist

    Get festive and have fun with your brand. Competition is stiff during the holidays and catching the attention of your consumer will come through engaging creative that resonates with your audience.

    This holds true to your loyal shoppers strategy, to ensure that your brand is breaking through even with brand advocates to remain top of mind.

    Every piece of creative built for your holiday campaigns should also be consistent, not only in branding (logo positioning, brand treatment, photography, fonts, etc.) and messaging, but also across platforms.

    The theme, look and feel, no matter the platform, should be recognizable whether someone sees it on Facebook or on the open web.
  2. Measurement

    Sales will increase, but knowing where the push is coming from and what target segments, media channels & creative is working is key to planning ahead for next year (only nine months away).

    The only way to create a holiday playbook for your brand is to measure using metrics that matter:  in-store sales, incremental lift, ROI, human attention, engagement and brand safety.

Boost holiday sales and reach your target audience with a message that resonates and at a frequency that drives shopping trips and eventually sales.

Have any questions for our team? We’re here to help.

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About Erica Monteith and Blake Eisler

Blake & Erica are both leaders in the CPG Retail vertical driving digital strategy across all Accounts.

Together they lead team engagement with clients to leverage data and insights to optimize their targeted and measurable paid addressable media strategy.

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