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How data can supercharge your CPG holiday sales

Despite significant headwinds in food retailing led by deflation and decreased funding for EBT, grocery/supermarket sales grew 2.2% in 2016.

With deflation concerns waning throughout the first half of the year, analysts suggest that 2017 will again show growth in grocery/supermarkets.

This is great news for CPG brands and retailers alike, as other sectors of the US economy are not faring as well with consumers

Grocery retailers have long been the leaders in capturing shopping trips, with the average household making over 90 trips a year, according to our team’s research.

This stat alone is why retailers like Target and Walmart have continuously added grocery categories to their overall mix.

It’s also likely a contributing factor in the Amazon purchase of Whole Foods. Fresh food drives traffic.

With the holidays around the corner, the pressure is on for retailers and brands to break through the clutter and provide a compelling value proposition that meets the needs of the shopper during the busy season. 

According to our team’s data, grocery retailers typically see a seasonal increase of 11 percent during the holidays and a strong marketing investment is needed to maximize sales potential.

This is not the time of year for marketers to rely on “spray and pray” tactics.

We talked previously on the blog about the overwhelming amount of advertising noise at the holidays and the importance of cutting through the clutter—with ad impressions typically increasing 50 percent during the holidays.

With customers feeling bombarded by ads, how can CPG marketers make a real impact? The key is maintaining relevancy.

“Most retailers believe that if you win the holidays, you win the year,” said Angela Myers, Senior Director CPG Retail Sales, Oracle Data Cloud. “The biggest and most obvious obstacle that CPG marketers face at the holidays is the overwhelming amount of advertising noise in the market.”

Digital marketers play an increasingly important role in this fight to win the holidays by creating the most relevant content to fit the right audiences and distributing that content across digital channels with optimal reach, explains Angela.

Relevant content is vital to breaking through the vast amount of advertising noise—as well as understanding the consumer mindset during the holidays.

“Digital marketers need to turn the items to be featured on sale during key holiday weeks into differentiated content,” said Angela. This will help consumers understand why they should shop at a particular retailer during the holiday season.”

Another way data can support CPG marketers win the holiday season is by helping them determine where to allocate budgets appropriately, explains Media Post.

“Analyzing specific purchase behaviors to understand household skews in cooking-style preferences, healthy living styles and flavor profiles can help marketers curate the right recipe content,” explains Angela, “as well as suggest the right offers or highlight key creative elements to help drive engagement.”

Lastly, leveraging data from third parties like Oracle Data Cloud can help augment known customer data with lifestyle, demographic and alternate channel purchase data, rounding out audience profiles and adding an extra layer of relevancy to the holiday content.

Brands and Retailers should pressure test data-driven solutions provided by companies like Oracle Data Cloud to ensure that the data-first approach does indeed drive sales and ROI, adds Angela.

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About Angela Myers

Angela leads client partnerships and retail strategy across the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Retail vertical at Oracle Data Cloud, responsible for revenue, data contribution, new retailer growth and strategic consulting.

Angela has been working in the CPG Retail space for over 15 years, holding executive roles across the grocery, loyalty analytics and digital advertising businesses.

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