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The 5-point context checklist to keep your campaign safe, relevant, and on-brand this holiday season

Marketers are acutely aware of the issue of misplaced ads and the impact they can have on their brand’s reputation. More than three-quarters of senior marketers believe unintended associations with inappropriate content, images, topics, audiences, or conversations can hurt their reputation.

So, how do you keep your brand 100% safe in programmatic?

In short, you can’t. What you can do, however, is mitigate the risk of harmful exposure by ensuring you meet specific requirements before your campaign goes live.

The following five-point checklist helps you ensure that your programmatic campaigns have every opportunity to succeed while maintaining brand-safety standards.


1. Are you categorizing and segmenting in context?

It’s easy to be misunderstood when taken out of context. What you say might not be as relevant as how you say it. Or a sarcastic quip might be misinterpreted as a serious statement. Whatever the case, context matters, and the same is true for content.

Using a single keyword to determine the content of a page or website can result in misinterpretation or an incorrect categorization, and you can lose an opportunity to deliver your message to a relevant audience. Instead, by analyzing the relationship of all the keywords on the page, you can determine what the true context of the page and site is. Then you can make a more educated decision as to whether it’s an appropriate or effective place for an ad.

The goal is to bring precision to your advertising placements by applying a nuanced content categorization and filtering process. The result is greater visibility into what content is complementary for your brand and what content needs to be avoided. 


2. Is your page data up to date?

Web content is continually evolving as new and updated content is published, which means page context is continually changing, too. You need the ability to categorize, segment, and filter content in real time. The faster your contextual data refreshes with what’s trending on the web, the more relevant your campaigns become. 


3. Can you target consumers in the moment?

Audiences are never static—consumer segments are continually changing based on their habits and what’s happening. Trends emerge and die off in the blink of an eye, and it’s imperative that you stay abreast of what your audience is consuming in the moment to deliver effective campaigns. Remember, there’s no better way to kill a good campaign than with stale audience data. 


4. Do you understand the technology you’re using?

Ask yourself how much you know about the platform you’re using to execute your campaigns. Have you seen under the hood, or are you relying on CliffNotes for reference? Without an intimate understanding of the targeting composition, language translation, or where your ads will be served, you’re essentially advertising in the dark.

Eliminate the guesswork and strive to learn more about the technology—honest and reliable technology providers aren’t afraid to be transparent. 


5. Are your ads speaking the right language?

Don’t skimp on language targeting that is localized for relevance; to ensure brand consistency and consumer alignment, it is essential that your advertising only appears on web pages that are in the same language. Poor language capabilities are more common than you would think and can lead to diminished campaign success if not adequately considered. 


Keeping brands safe now and into the future 

The programmatic renaissance has powered the advertising industry forward, but it is not without its risks. That’s why complementing your campaign with robust and reliable contextual technology is so essential. Check your campaign against the above list to help minimize your brand’s risk and improve campaign performance this holiday season. 


Optimize your holiday campaigns in the nick of time. Contact your client partner or The Data Hotline to turn on Oracle Contextual Intelligence today!


About Oracle Contextual Intelligence:

The Oracle Contextual Intelligence suite of solutions stems from Oracle Data Cloud’s acquisition of Grapeshot. This technology helps advertisers identify brand-safe environments, transform digital content into actionable data, and bring relevance to every customer experience.

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