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Don’t let your business growth stunt your culture

This week’s guest blog post is contributed by Molly Boyer, Director of Internal Communications, Oracle Data Cloud.

I hear it all the time when a company experiences rapid growth:

“Things were different when we were smaller/just in one location/just in one region/I knew everyone …”

And that’s certainly true! Things are always going to be different “back in the day,” but that doesn’t mean change is a bad thing. 

While it’s definitely easier to maintain a strong culture if your entire organization is under one roof, what happens when you grow? You adapt to things like multiple time zones, maybe even in multiple countries.

This means planning for team events or even maintaining a sense of community, as a whole, becomes more challenging. But it's important to embrace this challenge, rather than run from it. 

Realize that you can’t tackle every issue or make things the way they were before you “got big.” Here, I’ve identified three things we focus on at Oracle Data Cloud to help maintain our culture across 4 continents, 24 locations, and 1.6K employees.

With technology at your fingertips, and this trio of tips, your company’s culture can really thrive.

1. Make your culture part of your strategy

For your culture to grow, it has to be a key ingredient of your business strategy. So when you think about how to develop your business, consider how you’ll grow your employees and cultivate your culture. 

An important part of our team strategy is growing a healthy, winning culture—and this is enthusiastically supported by our executive leadership team. 

During our monthly, company-wide meetings, we focus on our three pillars of success: team members, clients and partners, and shareholders. One team is dedicated to delivering initiatives to support these three pillars. We also give regular teamwide awards to recognize achievements.

2. Find your lightning rods 

Culture doesn’t live on the pages of a manual or on a 100-slide PowerPoint deck. It’s developed and grown from the environment and the individuals in your offices.

The key is identifying your company’s “lightning rods”—those individuals around the globe with a passion for culture and help cultivate it in their local offices.

Our Culture Club (yes, we know, it is a bad reference to that 80s band!) is made up of volunteers working to ensure their offices are involved. Volunteer opportunities, field days, happy hours, lunches—you name it. They make sure it happens and our employees love them for it!

3. Stay humble and keep improving

You will hear this a lot at Oracle Data Cloud—that’s because we live and breathe by consistently improving what you do and how you do it, even if it was great to begin with. 

Is something not working anymore? Stop doing it! Employees have good ideas? Implement  them!

Don’t get stuck in a rut of how things were or stick with the status quo for the sake of old processes. There’s always room to improve—even on the things you do well.

Just because you are experiencing global growth doesn’t mean you have to ditch your beloved culture. The perfect time to double down on your culture efforts is when your business experiences rapid growth and success.

Sure, it just takes a little more work and focus, but it will be worth it and your employees will thank you for it!

Interested in knowing how you can be a part of the Oracle culture? Visit our website to learn more.

About Molly Boyer

Molly is the head of internal communications and employee engagement for Oracle Data Cloud.  

With 20 years of experience in marketing and communications, her passion is creating programs that allow people to thrive.

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