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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: How should brands target in-store and online shoppers differently?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday continue to captivate consumers, with shoppers nearly breaking the $1 trillion sales threshold in 2018. Economic experts are expecting another strong year in 2019, forecasting both a continued rise in online shopping and a steady stream of in-store spenders. It’s no longer a question of if retailers are ready for the holiday spending spree, but how prepared retailers are to reach the right shoppers—and reach them efficiently.

Because if a Black Friday coupon or a Cyber Monday promo code doesn’t make it to the hands of the right person, did it even exist?

To help marketers get ahead in 2019, we analyzed two 3rd party segments—Black Friday in-store shoppers and Cyber Monday online shoppers—against a baseline of active shoppers within the Oracle Data Cloud Retail Collective using our Audience Insights Tool (AIR). By analyzing these audiences, we’re able to provide a data-driven approach to identify, define, and reach more of these distinct customer personas. Helping brands understand and connect with specific types of buyers can improve prospecting, marketing strategy, and merchandising.

Key takeaways

  • Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers have a slightly higher income than the US baseline.

  • Both groups of shoppers are middle-aged, with in-store shoppers skewing slightly older.

  • Online shopping draws even more deal seekers, while in-store shoppers are more likely to buy premium brands.

Where does the data come from?

The analyzed data points have come from the following sources:

  • $5 trillion in observed consumer spending in the US

  • $11+ billion annual SKU-level transactions

  • Data coming in from more than 1,500 retailers Total US coverage 

Cyber Monday Online Shoppers

Beyond skewing slightly younger and living in more rural areas, our data shows that Cyber Monday online shoppers are value conscious and love quick-and-easy consumer packaged goods (CPG).

Lifestyles they align with include:

  • Green moms

  • New parents

  • Fit moms

  • Moms of grade-school kids

  • Cord cutters

These are the topics they’re consuming online:

  • Family travel

  • Family events such as back-to-school, summer break, and Thanksgiving

  • Food and diet

  • Fashion trends

Here are suggested 3rd party segments to reach more of them:

  • DLX Lifestyles > Millennial Moms

  • DLX Lifestyles > Healthy & Fit

  • DLX Retail > Categories > Children’s Products Buyers

  • DLX CPG > Buy Styles > Value Conscious

  • Visa Audiences by Oracle > Entertainment > Cord Cutters

  • Context: Travel_Family

  • Context: Food_Diet

  • Context: Event_Thanksgiving

3 quick campaign tips for reaching Cyber Monday shoppers:

  1. Use Contextual Intelligence, and reach shoppers in the right mind-set to click through to shop.

  2. Overlay heavy online shoppers to ensure you’re reaching those who are likely to convert online.

  3. Pay attention to calls to action—it’s not just about reaching shoppers, but resonating with them to drive the action you’re looking for.

Black Friday In-Store Shoppers

Beyond skewing slightly older, more affluent, and living in more urban areas, Black Friday in-store shoppers are interested in home cooking and prefer premium CPG brands.

Lifestyles they align with include:

  • Moms of high school kids

  • Big-city moms

  • Corporate moms

  • Affluent baby boomers

These are the topics they’re consuming online:

  • Sports (ice hockey, tennis, golf, Olympics)

  • Politics

  • News and current events

  • Finance

Suggested 3rd party segments to target:

  • DLX Lifestyles > Affluent Boomers

  • DLX CPG > BuyStyles > Premium Brands

  • DLX Retail > Categories > High Fashion & Luxury Brands

  • DLX Retail > Categories > Home Renovation

  • Visa Audiences by Oracle > Entertainment > Box Office > High Spenders

  • Context: Finance_Pensions

  • Context: Sport_Golf

  • Context: News_and_Weather

3 quick campaign tips for reaching Black Friday shoppers:

  1. Layer on proximity to ensure shoppers have access to your brick-and-mortar locations.

  2. Focus on higher-end products.

  3. Use visitation audiences that target users who are more apt to browse and enjoy an in-store shopping experience.

Drive holiday sales with data

Have your own 1st party audiences you’d like to profile? Let Oracle Data Cloud help you pull these same types of insights on your own holiday shoppers to learn more about who they are and how to reach more shoppers to help drive the strongest ROI this holiday season!

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