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  • May 5, 2016

B2B programmatic starts with data-informed audience definition

This week’s guest blog was contributed by Melissa Kofroth, Director, Partner Content Marketing, Dun & Bradstreet (@kofrothm) from her original post on the Dun & Bradstreet blog.

The Internet and proliferation of devices to access it across the globe have forever changed how customers learn and buy – and how companies engage with their audiences along the buyer’s journey.

This digital buyer reality requires you, as a modern-day B2B marketer, to adapt and develop in-the-moment digital experiences for personalized engagement with your target market. But without the right data and tools, you may wonder how to make sense of your online audience – who, when, where and how to engage with them.

Taking a “data informed” approach to audience definition is much like a science experiment – it is an evidence-based process that relies on empirical repeatable testing to learn the truth.

Dun & Bradstreet in collaboration with the Oracle Data Cloud have developed a “common data sense method” for making programmatic work for you: Digital Advertising Sanity Check: Six Scientific Steps to B2B Programmatic Success.

When planning a programmatic campaign, the first fundamental and critical marketing question to ask is - Who is my target audience?

The heart of the matter for a marketer is putting a relevant message in front of targeted personas who are most likely to buy, no matter where they are, when it is and what devices they are using across the web.

Data is essential to define your ideal list of business buyers; those who you believe will find your products and services most compelling. This lets you dive deeper with existing customers, already engaged individuals and, of course, net-new prospects that aren’t yet on your radar.

You should coordinate audience-based programmatic efforts with your larger plan. Properly mapping your campaign objectives to the buyer’s journey is a critical consideration. We know that B2B buyers are spending a lot more time online as they go through the awareness, consideration, evaluation and purchase decision steps.

Your customers are not buying a pair of shoes online – they’re likely buying high-ticket products or services. They’re involved in a multi-step buying process, both online and offline, including deep educational content study and in-person meeting and event engagement before making high-dollar purchase decisions.

It’s therefore important for the B2B marketer to synchronize online ad placement with the broader programs and campaign objectives at hand.

Dun & Bradstreet Programmatic Sanity Check

Well-balanced programmatic starts with discerning audience definition, connected to your marketing objectives and the holistic customer journey. Done right, you will gain valuable insights about your audience as they walk through that journey – and confidently offer up personalized content to them along the way.

Read more from Dun & Bradstreet here: Digital Advertising Sanity Check: Six Scientific Steps to B2B Programmatic Success.

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