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B2B marketers, are you ready to take an audience-first approach?

With recent advances in third-party B2B data, B2B marketers have more opportunities than ever to leverage programmatic technology to drive their most important campaign objectives.

Still, many B2B marketers are wondering if they’re getting the most out of their audience-targeting efforts.

Revenue expectations of today require that B2B marketers have complete command of the customer life cycle.

Programmatic technology is helping marketers do just that, but data strategy and audience planning can challenge even the most seasoned B2B marketer.

But behind big challenges, there’s often big opportunity.

Remember that old saying from Sales, “Put the customer first?” Well, programmatic technology allows marketers to put their “audience first”—which means separating audience from media and channel.

Placement alone doesn’t drive people, but connecting with them does.

Set your objective, then let data define and identify your best potential target audience and the messages to compel them to act.

“It’s a very exciting time to be a B2B marketer,” said Travis Russell, Senior Director, Head of B2B Data Solutions & Partnerships, Oracle Data Cloud.

Recent advances in third-party B2B data are enabling a broad array of innovative, data-driven use cases.

Data-Driven B2B brands with a well-defined audience strategy will be strongly positioned to achieve key marketing objectives and they’ll reap the benefits in the months and years to come.”

Here are five key steps to audience-planning success:

  1. Build your third-party data advantage
  2. Leverage account-based marketing
  3. Tailor messaging to align with your audience
  4. Connect with your audience across devices
  5. Analyze first-party data for optimization

For a deeper analysis of these five steps, plus access to B2B audience-planning best practices and audience recommendations for some of B2Bs most common campaign objectives, download our new B2B Audience Toolkit.

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