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3 Automotive marketing strategies for better campaign results

This week's guest blog post is contributed by Janine Benedict, Sr. Manager, Automotive Marketing, Oracle Data Cloud.

Auto marketers know that the path to purchase isn’t linear. Numerous factors play a role in vehicle purchase decisions—some you can influence and others you can’t.

We think that segmenting prospects who will be open and willing to listen to your message is the foundation for good marketing plans.   

When done properly, it means a better user experience for the consumer and a more efficient, effective marketing budget for you.

Here are three keys to automotive marketing success to implement now.

#1: Use data to enhance your upfront strategy to reach more relevant buyers

Auto shopping retention pages reach a  high quality but limited target.

While adding in demographic targets can increase your reach to the buying market, it also adds in irrelevant households, inadvertently increasing your costs.            

But there’s an alternative: combine the rich array of data available through Oracle Data Cloud ton ensure you have Relevant Reach: this strategically increases your reach to buyers by targeting the best households for your campaigns.

By using great data science to augment reach, this strategy creates an efficient and effective outcome for your bottom line.

#2: Lap the competition by boosting your Tier 3 digital strategy with data

The Tier 3 marketplace is highly fragmented–and intensely competitive. How can you win out against your competition?

Use a formula that works. The good news is that we have a data-science backed formula that pinpoints the best audience targets for any dealer campaign. 

The outcome: better campaign performance while minimizing media spend waste.

#3: Use custom segments to reach new audiences for aspirational targeting

Demographics are a great place to start, but may be too broad to find a truly effective target for your messaging.

Consider this strategy to reach millennials:

Rather than reaching the entire millennial market, focus in on the right millennials to drive results for your brand. Reach aspirational millennial targets by identifying additional key characteristics using purchase data:

Oracle Data Cloud can apply lifestyle and purchase data to enrich the aspirational segments you go after - and the messages you deliver to them. 

Leverage these three marketing strategies with great data and great data science to help you reach the right audiences to drive optimal campaign results today.

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