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3 Ways to maximize your next auto tire marketing campaign

Tire shopping isn’t nearly as fun as car shopping, but it’s still important to those consumers who need a new set.

A significant contrast exists between how people consider what tire they’ll purchase next and their tire shopping experience—and this provides plenty of opportunity for the savvy marketer.

For many shoppers, benefit-focused factors like cost, durability, safety, and performance are much more important than specific features like specs, rubber compounds, and tread design.

Let’s contrast this set of customer priorities with the online tire-shopping experience.

It often plays out like this: Tell us the year, make, and model of your car, and we’ll provide a long list of options.

Known and lesser known tire brands, tires, and granular specs—this information only makes sense to seasoned tire experts, so good luck!

By developing strategies to bridge this shopping experience gap, marketers have an opportunity to reach people while they are in the information-gathering phase of their tire decision—and to expand the potential group of people considering their brand.

With the help of data, you can identify and advertise to people who care about features like cost, safety, or other unique benefits your tire offers, and tailor your message to their shopping needs.


Start by exploring these three questions:

1) Who are you trying to reach?

When it comes to the “who,” your first-party CRM data or third-party behavioral data are great resources to profile and find insights on your tire owners or tire shoppers in general.

Next, consider how these profiles align with your product offerings and campaign goals, as well as how they match up with shopper criteria like price, safety, or performance.

Then use this information to inform where and how to reach new buyers.

If this exercise seems daunting, our team is here to help you tap into shopper behaviors and build a deeper understanding of your ideal buyer profile.


2) Where are you trying to connect with them?

A recent Consumer Reports survey found that 65 percent of people use the internet when shopping for tires, and only 33 percent visit tire-brand websites.

That suggests more than 40 percent of tire buyers are relying on other online sources for tire information. This is why it’s important to extend your message beyond just those folks visiting your site.

Understanding where these incremental shoppers are going and what sites they are visiting will help you create more timely and relevant ads, increasing your likelihood of connecting with them.


3) What audiences should you use to reach them?

This is where data becomes an essential—and actionable—component of your campaign strategy.

Data sources like vehicle ownership, online and offline shopping, interests, and behaviors can be used both to guide your creative strategy and to reach the right prospective customers online.

They are the building blocks for developing an audience plan to help ensure your ad campaigns reach people with the highest likelihood to buy your brand.

The data experts on our team work with you to understand your campaign goals and help you select the best audiences, or combination of audiences, to achieve the best possible results.

Or, we’ll will build a customized audience plan with data-driven recommendations.


Let’s look at an example of how you might increase relevant messaging and reduce wasted advertising spend using the three questions above.

Imagine you are a tire company looking to build awareness around a line of tires for utility vehicles and light trucks.

Begin with the who: Who are the shoppers likely to need these specific tires? Start with vehicle body style or even specific makes and models based on tire fitment.

By targeting owners of CUVs, SUVs, and pickup trucks, just under half of vehicles on the road, you can eliminate a significant amount of wasted advertising dollars.

Combining these audiences with Oracle Data Cloud’s Tire Shopper audience will then help you connect more deeply with your target customer.

When thinking about where these people shop, leverage our Aftermarket Brand & Retailer audiences (the what) to find people who shop at specific tire and service retailers that sell your tires and to conquest people likely to shop at your competitors.

Or, to reach people living within a specified distance of retail locations, consider using Oracle Data Cloud Proximity audiences.

And if this tire has a high price point, selecting transaction-based data like our Visa High Spender audience for Tire Sales & Repair can help brands reach shoppers accustomed to spending more on tires.

Oracle Data Cloud’s team of data experts are dedicated to help you better understand what your ideal shopper looks like, and which audiences will help you reach them.


Contact The Data Hotline to tap into these new audiences for your next tire campaign. (What's The Data Hotline?)  

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