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Audience impact in the new world of Facebook

Oracle Data Cloud recently announced its new solution for powering Facebook Custom Audiences. This allows brands, agencies, and their Facebook Marketing Partners (FMPs) to ensure all of the audiences that matter most to them can be activated on Facebook. This is an exciting development for advertisers, as the partnership takes an already effective marketing tool and enhances it to drive advertising efficiency.

Facebook’s sizable user base and the fact that daily users spend an average of 41 minutes per day in the app makes the platform an ideal environment to capture consumer attention in a noisy and fragmented digital world. As well as a captive audience, Facebook gives marketers access to native audiences built from data in its platform. These audiences are a solid starting point for advertisers to build even more relevant audiences by augmenting them with powerful data sets from external providers, like Oracle Data Cloud.

Marrying Facebook’s audiences with our rich data sets gives advertisers a more robust picture of consumers, enabling them to further hone in on only those consumers who are well matched to their products and eliminate those who are not.

For example, less than 10 percent of U.S. households have diaper-wearing children. If a brand that sells diapers is trying to reach in-market consumers for their product, going beyond native data to understand purchases and behaviors outside those platform walls increases the likelihood of reaching an actual consumer of diapers.

Both audience types are valuable to marketers but vary in terms of expected results. The native audience can help drive awareness, while the augmented audience can help deliver new and repeat buyers at a high rate of return. Together, these tactics round out a more complete audience strategy.

What we’ve found throughout many offline sales studies is that the more relevant the audience your ads reach, the more you’ll reach the customers who will purchase and drive higher business results. So, investing in more granular data increases relevance, resulting in higher ROI. Put differently, the cost to acquire a customer is more expensive when you don’t use relevant data to reach the right audience.


Source: We conducted research across more than 50 causal measurement studies over a year and found that previous brand buyers generate 3.2x more causal lift than non-buyers.

Source: We conducted research across more than 50 causal measurement studies over a year and found that previous brand buyers generate 3.2x more causal lift than non-buyers.


The future with Oracle Data Cloud and Facebook

The Oracle Data Cloud and Facebook partnership creates the opportunity for brands to break through the noise and extract the most value possible from marketing spend. We’re here to make it easy for you to drive stronger results for your campaigns.

Ready to get started? You can access Oracle Audiences for Facebook by working directly with your Oracle Data Cloud Client Partner, agency, or Facebook Marketing Partner. 

Want to learn more? Check out our webinar on-demand.

About Joe Kyriakoza

Joe leads the strategy, sales, and service organization for all customers of Oracle Data Cloud. Prior to joining Oracle Data Cloud via the Datalogix acquisition, Joe spent more than five years at Jumpstart Automotive Group in various roles leading product strategy, marketing and national sales. Earlier in his career, Joe was a partner and manager of all national digital media initiatives for Ford Motor Media, the media-buying arm for Ford Motor Company.




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