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An AdExchanger industry preview 2016 conversation with Analyst Rebecca Lieb

This article is contributed by Oracle Data Cloud Sr. Content Manager Tara DeZao.

I’m at AdExchanger’s Industry Preview 2016 conference, where the ad world is abuzz with all of 2016’s hot (and familiar) topics. These include cross-device marketing challenges, measurement and analytics, acquisitions, privacy and, “Is traditional TV dead?!”

But let’s not forget about our favorite topic of all: data.

I sat down with analyst Rebecca Lieb shortly after she moderated the panel “Native Advertising vs. Content Marketing,” to pick her brain about what marketers want from data in the coming year.

Rebecca is a frequent public speaker on topics related to digital marketing, advertising and media. Her areas of specialization are digital marketing and media, with a concentration in content strategy, content marketing and converged media.

Earlier, Lieb was Altimeter Group’s digital advertising and media analyst, where she published what remains the largest extant body of research on content marketing, content strategy and content’s role in paid, owned and earned media. Prior to that, she was vice president at Econsultancy, where she launched the company’s US operations and grew the business to profitability in one year.

DeZao: What will be top of mind for marketers in 2016 and how will data play a role?

Leib: In my most recent survey of digital marketers, two areas emerged as top of mind needs in the marketplace: audience targeting and measurement. With audience targeting, marketers want to get their message in front of the right audience, not just any audience and that’s all about data. Then marketers want to know: is the messaging resonating? Are we using the right KPIs? Data is everything in this context.

DeZao: It will be interesting to see where marketers invest their dollars in 2016.

Leib: It all comes down to wants and needs. I hear marketers say they need more content but they want better data. The amount of data that marketers have access to can be overwhelming – and not all of it is relevant or quality. Data’s value comes in using it intelligently and with purpose, as well as being selective and strategic.

DeZao: Do you see any themes emerging from AdExchanger Industry Preview 2016?

Leib: Industry Preview 2016 is all about looking at where we are now as an industry, how far we’ve come and where we are going. This event also focuses on how we as a whole achieve our goals in the coming year – and beyond!

Learn more about Rebecca Lieb’s research including materials cited in this interview.

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