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Advertising week to spotlight the evolution of data + creativity

Advertising week NYC is an assault on the senses. 

An industry event like no other, the action takes place across multiple venues in New York’s iconic Times Square. Detested by some and unimagined by others, the visuals and sounds in this environment reflect the industry itself—sometimes fragmented by contrasting objectives and channels yet connected by threads of creativity, innovation and the desire to join audiences and ideas together.

Last year, during this event, we talked about how data was the road map for creative journeys. 

The relationship between data and creative centered around how brands and agencies use data to drive creative optimization and personalization to minimize wasted ad spend. 

The marriage of the two is a key ingredient to successful campaigns. Plus, the growing sophistication of supporting technologies, like programmatic creative engines, make creative optimization more scalable.

This year, however, the discussion around data and creative is evolving. 

As campaigns become more holistic and unified, data is intersecting with creativity in new ways. The advent of experiential marketing and growing capabilities around artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality are delivering fresh opportunities for data and creative to marry.  

This video highlights some ways creative leaders from GTB, Volvo and Anomaly view data and its influence on their initiatives.

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