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Are your ideas about reach … outdated?

In the past, the notion of “Reach” was simple: The greater the reach, the more likely your message connected with potential buyers. But that’s as far as it went. Of course, at that time, all marketers could hope for were the “spray-and-pray” methods.

Today, our modern data-driven age allows us to bypass those old-school methods in favor of more accurate and proven strategies.

Marketers want their impressions to go to people most likely to make a purchase in the future. They’re constantly refining their target and strive to achieve a strong return on ad spend. It appears then the most effective method is to join forces—to combine the powerful effects of reach and the targeting precision needed for successful online campaigns.

Well, here’s the good news: Oracle Data Cloud figured out how exactly to do that. We know how today’s online marketing capabilities allow advertisers to reach audiences at scale, while using data to prioritize reaching potential buyers.

We call it Relevant Reach.

We define “Relevant” as the universe of people who represent the highest potential pool of buyers for your brand. Why rely only on reach, when you can add the right dimensions of audience targeting to drive relevance, too?

Download the full white paper to understand how Relevant Reach drives success for your campaign.

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