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  • June 1, 2016

AcquireWeb’s advice for marketers: Audience IDs & multi-channel campaigns

Marketers know that their customers can be reached on more devices than ever before. In order to navigate this multi-channel world more effectively, a more holistic approach is often the best avenue to successful customer connection.

We sat down with Cort Irish, Marketing Director, AcquireWeb, for his advice when marketers pursue a more complete customer view.

Oracle: Why is it so important for marketers to take a multi-channel approach?

Cort Irish: Initially, for a lot of marketers, it can be challenging to think about reaching customers over multiple devices. Questions such as, “where do I put my efforts to gain maximum results?” are common in many brand meetings these days. But there’s no “silver bullet” that will solve for every channel (though that would make this complex issue a lot simpler).

In the end, it always comes down to the audience that a marketer is trying to reach. There isn’t one easy transition or solution – it takes navigation and optimization. Certain channels lend themselves better than others and marketers may start to see traction on one more than others. Our clients understand that, but sometimes there’s a traditional mindset that needs to be updated.

Across our various clients and business categories, those focused on using a multi-channel approach against the right audiences are seeing the incremental lifts in their business on a consistent basis.

Oracle: What are some successful ways you’ve seen brands approach a multi-channel strategy?

Cort Irish: The most successful brands are the ones that do a good job on the front side of trying to understand their customers and audiences. Whether the metric for success in a given campaign is focused on sales goals, or overall brand awareness, putting customer understanding at the forefront for a brand increases their success.

Aquireweb's Cort Irish on Audience IDs and moreOracle: Why is identification such an important challenge to taking a multi-channel approach?

Cort Irish: Identifying audiences truly allows you to understand who you have a current relationship with and why they want to connect with you. It helps if you also understand who you don’t have a relationship with and determine the appropriate strategies to connect and develop one. Whether the brand has committed to understanding them is an immediate transparency to the consumer.

The multi-channel approach is one that we see marketers focused on achieving, but too often see the audience identification strategy is too broad. Unfortunately, that leaves marketers spending budgets either reaching the wrong audiences or the right audiences with the wrong messaging in the wrong channels.

Oracle: What do marketers need to know about digital identification in order to overcome these challenges?

Cort Irish: The audience identification process can be simple. Many markets initially assume the process of resolving current and prospective customer identities is tedious and not something they can do. The reality is it’s not and ultimately allows them to engage with their audiences more effectively in a much more efficient way.

In 2016, the playing field is now more equal for all marketers and brands to utilize data – the industry has changed since the old days. That’s the true test of scalability – in today’s world, marketers have better access to an immediate awareness of how their ads are doing and can optimize in real time. Combine that with a level of consumer connection and you’ve got a winning strategy for your campaigns.

About Cort Irish:

As Marketing Director, Irish oversees the company’s marketing & public relations strategy development and implementations. Irish brings more than 16-years of marketing experience working in both the full service advertising agency and corporate brand side of previous organizations.

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