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4 Key components of accurate campaign measurement

Imagine the headaches and repercussions if you learned you’ve been pouring money into the wrong audience, creative, or placement.

What if a different channel was the one that would have driven real sales results—or worse—the results you got were inaccurate?

Campaign measurement can cause challenges for any brand. Decisions made from inaccurate data and false positives have financial consequences, and the time spent getting back on the right track also negatively impacts the bottom line.

Luckily, marketers now have great tools for measuring the impact of their digital efforts, both during and after a campaign. As a pioneer in this measurement space, Oracle Data Cloud was the first to launch ROI measurement that showed the impact of digital campaigns on in-store sales on all major media platforms.

Our advanced methodology accounts for eliminating biases, noise, and false positives. Ensuring marketers can have confidence in their results is a huge priority for us.

Your measurement solution should function with the concentration of a superpower—it should be robust and have a specific focus. 

In our newest white paper—Understanding CPG measurement methodology—we share the four major components, or pillars, necessary to deliver fast, accurate, and quality measurement every time.

Combining these pillars gets us to the core concept of truly accurate advertising measurement: causal inference. It’s a complex and nuanced science, but don’t worry—we explain it in layman’s terms in the white paper.

As a marketer today, you should question the measurement you use and, at the very least, be more cautious about the measurement solution you select. Inaccurate results lead to wrong learnings, erroneous optimizations, and decrease efficiency and effectiveness of campaigns.  

How confident are you in your results?

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