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Coherence Sessions to Watch For at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

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Headed to Oracle OpenWorld? Here's a handful of some of our favorite Coherence sessions you won't want to miss. (Hint: for even more content, you can see the Cloud Application Foundation 'Focus On' Document for a broad view of sessions and labs available.)

Coherence Roadmap and Strategy

Monday, 4:00 pm, Moscone South 304

This is the landmark session for everything you wanted to know about Coherence as it stands today, and our planned directions for the future. If you pick just one session, this one is key.
From the content catalog:

Oracle Coherence 12c, the market-leading in-memory data grid, introduced a range of new features to help customers deliver next-generation applications that scale to handle mobile, social, and Internet of Things demands. The HotCache feature of Oracle GoldenGate makes database updates available in real time to applications, and Oracle Coherence’s Managed Coherence Servers feature shortens time to market and simplifies operations. This session reviews these features and looks at the most recent features and the roadmap. Oracle Coherence provides new options for integration, including support for JCache (JSR 107), and new monitoring capabilities. The session also looks at exciting innovative features such as Recoverable Caching, Federated Caching, multitenancy, and support for Oracle Cloud.

Synergy: Using WebLogic and Coherence in Tandem

Monday, 5:15 pm, Moscone South 236

Following the strategy session just down the hall, we're excited to welcome a panel of customers and experts to chat on the synergies between Coherence and WebLogic. It makes sesnse they'd work well topgether, of course. But there may be some hidden advantages you weren't aware of if you're a customer of either product. Find out the secrets for real-world users.
From the content catalog:

Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Coherence deliver industry leadership as standalone products and are simply unbeatable in combination. In this session, the members of a panel of experts describe how they have leveraged the integration between Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Coherence to deliver new levels of application performance, scalability, and reliability.

Lockdown! Security Practices for WebLogic and Coherence

Tuesday, 5:00 pm, Moscone South 304

Security is always in the news. Hacked this, stolen that. But we have some security features and best practices to make sure your apps are secure across the Oracle stack. If you're secure-minded, this is for you.
From the content catalog:

Securing application server deployments is more important now than it has ever been. Java security, Heartbleed, and cloud computing are topics that have driven new levels of security awareness during the past year. For Oracle specifically, Oracle Cloud offerings based on Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Coherence have driven new requirements for securing Oracle WebLogic/Oracle Coherence environments. This session reviews evolving security challenges, best practices Oracle has adopted for securing Oracle Cloud systems, and practical advice from the Oracle WebLogic security team for securing your own on-premises Oracle WebLogic/Oracle Coherence systems. Come to this session, and learn how to lock down your systems.

Pushing Database Transactions to JCache with Coherence and GoldenGate LAB

Wednesday, 4:15 pm, Hotel Nikko - Ballroom II

Get your hands into the code with the new JCache spec, Coherence and GoldenGate. You'll have a chance to see how the tight integration between these specs and products keeps your cache always-fresh.
From the content catalog:

Speeding and scaling access to changing data, in a cost-effective way, is a serious challenge. Oracle Coherence continues to reduce this challenge, with its new JCache, HotCache, and Managed Coherence Servers features. Implementing the recent JSR 107 (JCache) specification, Oracle Coherence now offers cache access through a standard API. The HotCache feature leverages Oracle GoldenGate to push database changes to Oracle Coherence in an event-driven way, and in real time. Meanwhile Managed Coherence Servers makes managing an Oracle Coherence application as simple as managing a Java EE application. In this hands-on lab, you’ll use Managed Coherence Servers to deploy and run a JCache application that receives real-time updates through HotCache as an underlying database changes.

Rapid Delivery of Innovative Real-Time Apps with Coherence

Thursday, 9:30am, Moscone South 304

With increased data volumes, real-time processing is a must. You'll get a peek at how you can make real-tim apps a reality for your organization.
From the content catalog:

Oracle Coherence 12c provides innovative features and lifecycle management tools that make it well suited to quickly deliver and roll out new mobile and rich client services. This case study shows how Oracle Coherence, leveraging its Managed Coherence Servers feature and Oracle GoldenGate’s HotCache feature, is used to extend product offerings while reducing both costs and time to market. The session details the technical solution, including implementation of HotCache to provide real-time updates from the database to Oracle Coherence–based applications, plus the use of Managed Coherence Servers to deploy Oracle Coherence applications as easily as a Java EE application. It also discusses business benefits such as before-and-after metrics and implementation costs.

There's much more, so don't forget to see the Coherence Focus-On Document and the Cloud Application Foundation Focus-On Document for more sessions, labs and details.

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