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  • July 31, 2019

Coherence Operator 1.0 Released! Operate Coherence Clusters with Kubernetes.

Randy Stafford
Senior Manager

Oracle Coherence Product Development is pleased to announce the release of Coherence Operator 1.0 into general availability.

Coherence Operator is a Kubernetes Operator for Coherence clusters: a Coherence-specific controller extending the Kubernetes API to create, configure, and manage Coherence deployments.

Coherence's ability to provide a shared cache, and its inherent dynamic scalability, align naturally with Kubernetes-based deployments of microservices architectures.

With Coherence Operator, Coherence users can leverage de-facto industry standards Docker for containerization, and Kubernetes for orchestration of containers, both on-premise and in cloud environments equally.  Specifically, Coherence users can:

  • Use popular de-facto standard tools to monitor and analyze logs and metrics from Coherence clusters.  The Elastic Stack is supported now; Prometheus and Grafana will be supported in the upcoming Coherence release.
  • Flexibly override and customize Coherence configuration
  • Scale the Coherence deployment using Kubernetes verbs or updates
  • Use Coherence*Extend and REST to access Coherence clusters from a variety of clients
  • Use Kubernetes Zones to ensure data stored in Coherence is resilient to Zone loss
  • Start clusters based on declarative startup parameters and desired states
  • Use Kubernetes persistent volumes when using Coherence’s disk-based storage features
  • Deploy custom application code to server-side Coherence JVMs

“With this investment in Kubernetes orchestration of Coherence clusters running in Docker containers, we are embracing and facilitating a growing trend we see in our customer base,” said Alex Gleyzer, Vice President, Software Development, Oracle Coherence.  “Leveraging an industry-standard framework for managing distributed systems allows our customers to operate Coherence deployments more efficiently and reliably than ever before.”

“Kubernetes is key to Oracle’s Enterprise Java strategy, enabling customers to move applications from on-premise to in-cloud deployments,” said Will Lyons, Senior Director, Product Management, Enterprise Java.  “Kubernetes Operators for WebLogic Server, and now Coherence, facilitate moving Enterprise Java applications onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, or other public and private clouds, using cloud-neutral Kubernetes infrastructure.”

Coherence Operator is open-source software, hosted on GitHub, and maintained by Oracle Coherence Product Development. Docker images containing Coherence Operator releases are available on Docker Hub.

Full documentation on Coherence Operator, including a Quick Start Guide, a User Guide, a rich set of samples, and more, is hosted on GitHub Pages.  In addition Oracle Coherence Product Development has created a public Slack channel for communicating with users of Coherence Operator.  Instructions for joining the Slack channel are included in the Coherence Operator documentation.

The Coherence Demo is enhanced with instructions for running with Coherence Operator.  And the Oracle Coherence YouTube channel has new videos overviewing Coherence Operator, and providing detail on management with Kibana and Grafana, and using persistence and federated caching in Kubernetes.

Oracle Coherence Product Development invites you to use Coherence Operator 1.0 and provide feedback for improving future releases.  We are standing by to support you.

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  • Edward Burns Monday, August 5, 2019
    This is a big milestone, congratulations!
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