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Coherence is in the Cloud as Part of Java Cloud Service

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This entry is reposted from the new cloud-focused blog at Oracle, "The Cloud Front."

Today we are excited to announce a major product
innovation - Oracle Coherence is now available as a feature of the Java Cloud
(JCS). Effective immediately, users of JCS can use
our cloud tooling to optionally set up Coherence within JCS.

Flexibility is a key part of the solution. You can either select an initial capacity for the Coherence data tier:

Or use the "Advanced" option to have full control over the number of
virtual machines you want for Coherence, the number of managed Coherence servers per virtual machine, and the heap
size of each managed server: 

The WebLogic Management Framework is used under the covers allowing you, the user to develop, deploy, manage and monitor your applications via Managed Coherence Servers.

Because the same cloud tooling creates
both WebLogic and Coherence, the experience of using the two
together in our cloud is a fully integrated and seamless
service. As is standard with JCS, you can patch Coherence as
you please in an automated rolling fashion. Backups and
restores are fully coordinated with the rest of the stack.

Common reasons for using Coherence with JCS:

  • Offload and protect shared cloud services and databases
  • Deliver real-time data to cloud applications
  • Provide transparency and high availability in the cloud's data grid tier

When running a WebLogic 12.1.3+ environment in the Java Cloud Service you have access to all the Coherence cloud tooling. For Java Cloud Service Enterprise Edition
11g with Coherence, you can manually create your own
Coherence cluster.

Over the coming year, we plan to release a number of
Coherence-related data grid and caching services. Stay tuned for more

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