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  • June 25, 2020

Announcing Coherence Community Edition

Randy Stafford
Senior Manager

Oracle Coherence has pioneered the In-Memory Data Grid space, powering high-scale mission-critical applications around the world in many industries.   Today, Oracle is pleased to announce that it is making the core of Oracle Coherence available as free and open source software in Coherence Community Edition.

Coherence Community Edition is licensed under the Open Source Initiative’s Universal Permissive License, Version 1.0, and is hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/oracle/coherence.

Coherence Community Edition provides a reliable and scalable platform for state management and polyglot processing on the data grid.   Integration with Helidon, GraalVM, Oracle Database and Database Cloud services and other technologies makes Coherence Community Edition an essential component of a modern cloud-native microservices architecture.

Coherence Community Edition contains all In-Memory Data Grid functionality necessary to write modern cloud microservices applications, including:

  • fault-tolerant automatic sharding
  • scalable caching, querying, aggregation, transactions, in-place processing
  • polyglot programming on the grid side with GraalVM
  • persistence and data source integration
  • eventing, messaging, and streaming
  • a comprehensive security model
  • unlimited clients in polyglot languages and over REST
  • Docker and Kubernetes support, with Kibana and Prometheus dashboards

Oracle continues to offer commercial Oracle Coherence Enterprise Edition and Oracle Coherence Grid Edition entitling even more powerful features for the most demanding deployments, with Coherence Community Edition at their core.

 “Coherence came to leadership through innovation, reliability, and close relationships with developers.  With Coherence Community Edition, we are delighted to share the benefits of the leading In-Memory Data Grid with the broad community of developers who use open-source technology for ambitious enterprise applications,“ said Coherence co-founder and Oracle Product Development Vice President Alex Gleyzer.

“Oracle open-sourcing Coherence Community Edition is the most exciting news.  That is going to make a huge difference for us,” said Union Pacific Railroad Associate Vice President and Distinguished Technologist Arun Giri. “Now there’s a bigger community, so it’s a huge win.”

This initial availability of Coherence Community Edition includes two releases:

  1., the core of all Coherence 14.1.1 editions as of patch set update 1; and
  2. 20.06, the June 2020 interim release of upcoming 14.1.2 features.

Upcoming 14.1.2 features available in the 20.06 interim release include:

  • a gRPC proxy into Coherence clusters, on which polyglot clients are based
  • a Java client of the gRPC proxy, exposing the full Coherence client API
  • Helidon MP integration, with CDI, Metrics, and Config implementations

Concurrently with this initial availability of Coherence Community Edition, Oracle is also making available in open source a comprehensive microservices demonstration application based on Coherence Community Edition and Helidon 2.0.  This microservices demo app, named Helidon Sock Shop, derives from https://github.com/microservices-demo/microservices-demo, but has been re-implemented to leverage Coherence Community Edition for all state management and messaging, and Helidon 2.0 as the microservices framework, gaining significant improvements in design simplicity.  The Helidon Sock Shop demo is available at https://github.com/helidon-sockshop.

The Coherence product development team is proud to launch Coherence Community Edition.  We are excited to make the leading In-Memory Data Grid’s proven out-of-the-box reliability and scalability available to the broad community of developers using open-source software to develop Java and polyglot microservices applications.

We invite you to explore the Coherence Community Edition website https://coherence.community, watch animations of how the product works, follow the quick start guide, and give Coherence a try!

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