Oracle News | May 2, 2017

Marketers Can Leverage Oracle Data on LinkedIn

By: Michael Hickins | Sr. Director of Strategic Communications


Oracle now integrates into LinkedIn’s advertising platform, called Campaign Manager, making it possible for customers of Oracle Marketing Cloud to leverage their first-party data for targeting securely and anonymously on LinkedIn. This capability gives Oracle customers a big advantage at a time when digital marketing is becoming a more important tool for companies of every stripe.

The new integration between Oracle Eloqua, part of Oracle Marketing Cloud, and LinkedIn Campaign Manager includes a new targeting capability called "Matched Audiences," and "Lead Gen Forms," a product focused on driving leads. When combined, these solutions are designed to increase conversion rates and generate more sales by helping marketers personalize and orchestrate campaigns on LinkedIn.

The integration allows marketers to bring their own data—“first-party data,” in marketing-speak—to remarket to users on LinkedIn, which helps them avoid advertising to existing customers while targeting new prospects. Marketers can exclude lists of names and retarget others based on their prior behaviors. All data transfer is done anonymously and securely.

“At LinkedIn, we strive to equip B2B marketers with the tools and insights that they need to reach the audiences that matter most to their business,” said Russ Glass, vice president of product for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, in a statement.

A Boon for Marketers

The new integration can help marketers convert prospects, remarket to known contacts, and optimize online ad campaigns on LinkedIn, the partners said.

Irina Skripnik, a LinkedIn product marketing manager, explained that the new toolset allows companies to go beyond profile-based marketing into more sophisticated campaigns, thanks to more granular data sets. “Now you can be more nimble and more experimental,” she said.

Laura Ipsen, general manager and senior vice president of Oracle Marketing Cloud, said: “We are focused on empowering marketers with the data they need to inform, measure, and maximize the impact of marketing campaigns.” Ipsen noted that LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network.

“The new product integration between Oracle Eloqua and LinkedIn Campaign Manager can ultimately help marketers enhance the customer experience and increase revenues,” she said.

Michael Hickins is director of strategic communications at Oracle.



Sr. Director of Strategic Communications

Michael Hickins is a senior director of strategic communications at Oracle. He is the former editor of The Wall Street Journal's CIO Journal.

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