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Announcing Oracle Private Cloud at Customer

Sonit Tayal
Principal Product Manager



We are pleased to announce Oracle Private Cloud at Customer, a new Cloud at Customer service from Oracle.



Oracle Private Cloud at Customer brings Oracle enterprise-grade IaaS to the customer data center, improving the agility of IT resource deployment. The infrastructure is managed by Oracle cloud experts, allowing customers to focus on their critical business applications and workloads while their data never leaves their premises. Oracle Private Cloud at Customer systems are pre-configured according to best practices, which have been proven by many mission-critical Oracle Private Cloud Appliance installations around the world.

Oracle Private Cloud at Customer is designed for rapid and simple deployment of mission-critical applications and workloads, whether running on Linux, Oracle Solaris, or Microsoft Windows. High-performance, low-latency Oracle Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies facilitate automated provisioning of the server and storage networks.

In addition to rapid infrastructure provisioning, Oracle Private Cloud at Customer accelerates complete application stack deployment through support for Oracle VM Virtual Appliances. These are pre-configured applications, middleware, and databases packaged as ready-to-run virtual machines (VMs). The VMs are dynamically configured at deployment time, requiring customers to provide only basic configuration parameters. The result is an unparalleled ability to go from infrastructure power-on to logging in to a newly deployed, running application within days or even hours, instead of weeks or months.


Service Details

Oracle Private Cloud at Customer is available through a subscription with a minimum term of 4 years. The starting system consists of :

  • 1 x Oracle Private Cloud at Customer X5-2 Base rack: consists of management nodes, network infrastructure, internal ZS5-ES storage appliance
  • 2 x Oracle Private Cloud at Customer X7-2 Servers: 48 cores, 768GB memory and 1.2 TB HDD
  • 1 x Oracle Private Cloud at Customer ZS7-2 Storage: 2 x ZS7-2 controllers and 2 x DE3-24C disk trays with total usable of 200TB 

Pricing is based on the number of compute nodes in service. As the need for compute capacity increases, customers can add more compute nodes, up to a total of 25 per system, to meet their business requirements. All CPU cores, disk storage, and RAM for the selected configuration are included in the subscription price. 

In addition, customers can integrate Oracle Private Cloud at Customer with existing Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer machines, thus providing a proven application consolidation platform and reduced latency between application and the database layer.

Supported Configurations

Oracle Private Cloud at Customer can be ordered in 2 configurations: Scale and Compact.



Oracle VM Virtual Appliances for use with Oracle Private Cloud at Customer can be downloaded from a central repository on OTN.


Visit Oracle.com for more information about Oracle Private Cloud at Customer


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