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Announcing Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Software Release 2.4.2

Scott Ferguson
Senior Product Manager

Oracle is pleased to announce the general availability of Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Software Release 2.4.2. This release of controller software supports both Ethernet-based Oracle Private Cloud Appliance X8-2 and InfiniBand-based Oracle Private Cloud Appliance racks. 

The software release can be downloaded from MOS using ID 30459450.

Notable New Features in the 2.4.2 Release

  • Support for X8-2 Compute Nodes in Oracle Private Cloud Appliance X5-2 base racks: X8-2 expansion nodes can now be ordered for X5-2 base racks, in addition to their availability for X8-2 base racks of Oracle Private Cloud Appliance. These expansion compute nodes are available in 3 memory configurations - 384 GB, 768 GB and 1.5 TB memory.
  • Support for storage expansion trays: Expand the storage capacity of the integrated Oracle ZS7-2 Storage Appliance by adding High Capacity storage expansion trays (DE3-24C) and High Performance storage expansion trays (DE3-24P). A total of 15 storage expansion trays can be added to expand the customer usable storage to 4.5PB  (raw storage).
  • 32 Gb Fiber Channel support: Oracle Server X8-2 compute nodes can be ordered with optional  Oracle Storage Dual Port 16 Gb or 32 Gb Fiber Channel PCIe HBAs. 
  • Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Health Check Utility: The Health Check utility is built on the framework of the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Upgrader, and is included in the Upgrader package. It detects the appliance network architecture and runs the health checks defined for the system in question.
  • Updated Oracle VM 3.4.6: This consolidated software release includes Oracle VM 3.4.6 with Xen and Kernel Security fixes to address various CVEs. 

For more information on this release, please refer to Release Notes.

Software Download

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance software release 2.4.2 can be downloaded from MOS using patch ID 30459450.

Supported Upgrade Path

Upgrading to release 2.4.2 is only supported if:

  • Management Nodes are at software release 2.3.4 or 2.4.1
  • All Compute Nodes are running Oracle VM 3.4.5 (PCA Software 2.3.4) or 3.4.6 (PCA software 2.4.1)

Please refer to MOS Doc ID. 2605884.1 for usage of the PCA Upgrader tool shipped with PCA 2.4.2, prerequisites, known issues and workarounds.

Main Use Cases for Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

  • Complement Oracle Exadata Database Machine as the application platform: Oracle Private Cloud Appliance can serve as an application platform to complement Oracle Exadata, providing a great solution for mission-critical applications and databases. Implement n-tier applications with this combination.
  • Migrate middleware and application workloads from legacy Oracle Exalogic systems: Upgrade and modernize existing Oracle Exalogic deployments by migrating to Oracle Private Cloud Appliance X8 to take advantage of its high-performance compute servers and 100 GbE internal networking. Existing EECS licenses can be used on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance. In addition, Oracle Private Cloud Appliance X8 offers the following benefits:
    • Support for Live Migration
    • More cores per CPU
    • More memory per core
    • No infrastructure license cost
    • Support for multitenancy
  • Modernize applications using Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment: Oracle Private Cloud Appliance includes support for Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment (based on open CNCF standards), to automate deployment, scaling, and management of container workloads. Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment includes support for Oracle Container Runtime for Docker and Oracle Container Services for Use with Kubernetes. Oracle software and applications are available as Docker containers at Oracle Container Registry. Applications developed on Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment are seamlessly portable to any Kubernetes compliant platform—Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, on premise, or other public clouds.

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