Oracle News | February 16, 2017

Oracle’s SPARC: The Best Cloud Processor

By: Tom Haunert


Rich Hetherington, vice president of hardware development at Oracle, talks regularly about the advantages of Oracle’s SPARC processor technology. At Oracle OpenWorld 2016, Hetherington shared SPARC history, the state of SPARC development, and a preview of his presentation on SPARC Software in Silicon features.

SPARC customers are benefiting from the performance boost of Software in Silicon in the latest SPARC processors, M7 and S7, Hetherington said during a video shoot in front of a live audience at the Oracle Technology Network Lounge at OpenWorld.

He discussed SPARC’s Data Analytics Accelerator (DAX)—one of the key Software in Silicon features of M7 and S7, and what the DAX performance boost for database functions means to businesses.

“If software licensing is a critical issue for you, the per-core performance of S7 is superior to any other processor out there,” Hetherington said. In conversations with the audience after the video recording, he added a point of reference to cloud computing. “S7 is the best cloud processor there is," he asserted.

In the video, Hetherington explained that DAX’s contribution to the record-setting performance of the latest SPARC processors is just the beginning.

“[This] is DAX 1.0. As we go forward, we will try to run much more of the database in our accelerators,” Hetherington said.

Hetherington’s Oracle Technology Network Community Cast video was recorded for the Oracle Technology Network You Tube channel, where it joins dozens of videos featuring Oracle and Oracle community members.

Tom Haunert is editor-in-chief of Oracle Magazine.

Tom Haunert is editor in chief of Oracle Magazine.  

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