Oracle News | September 12, 2016

Oracle Pulls Big Data Together

By: Michael Hickins | Sr. Director of Strategic Communications


While big data represents a significant opportunity for companies to solve business issues, success has been hampered in large part because of the complexity of implementing the technology and the daunting cost of retrofitting old systems. In many cases, companies cannot use the new technology without hiring a whole new cadre of expensive talent that is already in short supply.

Recognizing this problem, Oracle has developed a lineup of big data applications and services that allow customers to leverage their existing technology in conjunction with new tools that, in many cases, have been designed for use by people who don’t necessarily carry the title Big Data Scientist.

Oracle segments its portfolio of big data services into three distinct categories that Chris Lynskey, vice president of product management, refers to as data management, data integration, and data lab.

For example, Oracle Big Data Cloud Service “provides all core infrastructure you need, the Hadoop distribution, and a range of different query engines based on the type of data that you have,” he said.

Layered on top of that are Oracle’s big data management offerings—including Oracle Big Data Appliance, recently named a leader in The Forrester Wave: Big Data Hadoop Optimized Systems, Q2 2016, and a range of services that help organizations break down data silos.

Oracle’s big data integration services help businesses corral all the data they’re collecting, regardless of how the data is presented, and then perform analytics. “We think of that as a kind of data factory just churning through these massive amounts of data and integrating them as needed,” Lynksey said.

Finally, the data lab helps companies innovate by providing business people, programmers, and other nonspecialists with easy-to-use tools that enable them extract new insights from the data. “We see a lot of traction for companies that want to drive innovation, and want to open up this special environment that’s different from regular business intelligence.”

Big Data Management

With Oracle Big Data SQL Cloud Service, organizations can easily query data across Oracle Database, Hadoop, and NoSQL sources and extend security and access policies of Oracle Database to these other data stores. And the offering’s Smart Scan technology transfers only the rows and columns of data related to each query to Oracle Database, substantially speeding data transmission.

Oracle Big Data Appliance offers a cost-effective alternative to DIY Hadoop systems that includes Oracle Big Data SQL, Oracle Big Data Connectors, Oracle NoSQL Database, and Oracle Big Data Discovery. It brings together fast performance, low cost, and security features with integrated software that makes it easy to access and use data, all at a substantially lower price than assembling all the components on your own.

See a full list of offerings that can help you break down the walls between your data stores and seamlessly access data, whether it’s stored in a relational database, Hadoop, or NoSQL stores.

Big Data Integration

Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service is a real-time, high performance and scalable public cloud data integration and replication solution. Businesses can deliver data in real-time from on-premises databases to Oracle Database as a Service with minimum impact on production systems. Solutions like real-time operational data stores and real-time data warehousing in the cloud, and database applications on-boarding to the cloud can be built based on Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service. The Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service can be accessed from anywhere, anytime from any internet-connected device.

Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service significantly reduces the amount of time and resources required to ingest and prepare datasets for multiple downstream processes compared with a DIY approach. It makes typically complex operations easy, letting users bypass error-prone setups and configurations. Powered by Apache Spark and Hadoop, Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service provides a set of coordinated services that automate, streamline, and guide the process of data ingestion, preparation, enrichment, and governance without costly manual intervention.      

Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service

Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service is a scalable platform to help organizations quickly build and deploy IoT applications and capture and analyze their IoT data. Only then can organizations begin to realize the efficiencies, opportunities, reductions in cost, and improvements in products and customer service promised by IoT.

See how the world’s biggest database company enables you to govern, protect, and integrate data from a range of sources, letting you focus on gaining a competitive advantage.

Big Data Lab

Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service provides a set of end-to-end visual analytic capabilities that leverages the power of the Oracle Big Data Cloud Service and Apache Spark to turn raw data into business insight in minutes, without the need to learn specialist big data tools or rely only on highly skilled resources. The tool’s visual user interface empowers regular business analysts to find, explore, transform, blend, and analyze data in the Oracle Big Data Cloud Service and then easily share results. By providing user-friendly user interfaces with point-and-click technology, Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service allows non-experts to “accomplish all the activities they need to accomplish without having to write a line of code,” Lynskey says.

Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service 

Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service can enable users to tap into the most pertinent data, whenever and wherever they need it. With Oracle BI Cloud Service, users of any skill level and from any department can easily combine data from diverse sources and quickly create rich, interactive analytic applications and reports.

Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service 

Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service makes easy yet powerful visual analytics accessible to everyone. Simply sign up for a low-cost subscription, then drag and drop to see your data visualized automatically, change layouts, and present new insights. If you have questions about your data, search just like you would online, or browse the guided navigation to find what you’re looking for—everything on the screen is connected, helping you more quickly understand and find value in your information. When you uncover new insights, you can add comments to them to create visual stories that can be shared throughout the organization.

Among Oracle’s predictions for big data in 2016 was the rise of experimental data labs, made possible by new technologies that enable companies to spin up an instance and test hypothesis for the business.

Sr. Director of Strategic Communications

Michael Hickins is a senior director of strategic communications at Oracle. He is the former editor of The Wall Street Journal's CIO Journal.

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