Oracle OpenWorld | October 24, 2015

Oracle OpenWorld Sustainability By the Numbers

By: Oracle Staff


Oracle OpenWorld is proud to be one of the most sustainable events in the world, but there's still more work to be done. And we can't get there without our attendees' support.

Take a look at our "by the numbers" progress in reaching our sustainability goals:

Waste Reduction:
  • 0.9 pounds of landfill per person per day, reduced 18% since 2009.
  • 2.56 pounds of waste per person per day, reduced 3% since 2009.
  • 233 hours of recycling education provided by 67 Green Angels to help event attendees properly sort waste.
  • 65% of waste diverted from landfill across all event venues in 2014.
  • 23 metric tons of landfill eliminated since 2012.
  • 126 metric tons of leftover event discards eliminated since 2012. That’s enough to fill 10 garbage trucks.
  • 86% of waste diverted from landfill at the Oracle Appreciation Event.
  • 10.9 metric tons of event waste eliminated at the Oracle Appreciation Event.
Carbon Offset
  • 5.24 pounds of carbon emissions per person per day, reduced 41% since 2011.
  • 100% of onsite event emissions are offset by Oracle.
  • 6,161 metric tons of air travel emissions are offset by event attendees.
  • 40,674 miles traveled by shuttles.
  • 5,234 gallon reduction in fuel use by shuttles since 2008.
  • 15% drop in generator fuel use since 2013.
  • 10 pounds of emissions eliminated every time an event attendee takes BART between the event and airport.

Legacy Giving

  • $1 Million: Oracle is giving to help The Nature Conservancy advance its Plant a Billion Trees campaign over the next four years.
  • $1: Attendee donation to help fund the planting of a tree.
  • 19 local charities benefitting from material and food donations from the event.
  • 9,390 meals recovered from the event, which were re-distributed to the needy in San Francisco through groups like San Francisco City Impact and Food Runners.

Water Conservation:

  • 24 million liters of water conserved by opting for more water-wise ingredients in 2014, enough to overflow nine Olympic-size swimming pools.
  • 1,287,628 individual water bottles eliminated as a result of ending bottled water use in 2007.
  • One drought can be curbed by supporting water conservation efforts from the event venue and local hotels and restaurants. Since 77% of water use in California is attributed to agriculture, event attendees can reduce water use by opting for more water-wise food during the event .

Material Sourcing

  • 320,699 square feet of 25% post-industrial recycled content carpet reused each year.
  • 202,419 square feet of signage, 91% of which is retained for reuse or recycled post-event.
  • 14 tons of 100% post-consumer recycled content paper used in 2014.
  • 68% of food served at Oracle OpenWorld is produced in the Bay area. 95% is sourced from providers within 250 miles of the city.
*All data is based on 2014 metrics direct reported by event suppliers. The 2014 Oracle Event Sustainability Report can be found here.

How can attendees help?

  • Visit The Nature Conservancy Experience on Oracle Cloud Plaza to see how Oracle is helping to plant trees and restore forests around the world. You can help by contributing on the donation website.
  • Use a waste station. Ask the Green Team for help deciphering where to put items.
  • Reuse your water bottle. It takes 1.39 liters of water to produce a one-liter sized water bottle.
  • Take advantage of the mobile event app, which reduces the amount of materials you need to carry each day.
  • Walk and use mass transit. Calculate how much CO2 your BART Trip saves with this tool.
  • Choose a carbon-conscious lunch such as vegetarian or a lower-impact choice such as chicken.
  • Offset your travel when you register with a $10 to our carbon offset program.
  • Don't want your attendee materials? Ask our registration staff to designate them for donation.
  • Eat and shop local while in San Francisco.
  • Opt into a green program at your hotel
  • Try out the Bay Area BikeShare program.
  • Attend a sustainability-oriented session at Oracle OpenWorld.
  • Complete your event evaluation, including feedback on sustainability efforts.
  • Post about your and Oracle's green efforts on social media. Don't forget to tag it with #oow15.