Oracle OpenWorld | September 12, 2019

Oracle OpenWorld 2019: Where Change Means Opportunity

By: Steve Miranda | Executive Vice President, Oracle Applications Product Development


On behalf of Oracle Applications Development, I want to welcome you to Oracle OpenWorld 2019. This year’s event is packed with information, experiences, and world-class entertainment—including eight-time Grammy Award winner John Mayer at the new Chase Center and lots of fun activities at Oracle Park.

I’m very proud of how much my team has been able to accomplish in the past year. Our job is to build and deliver product, so Oracle OpenWorld is our chance to tell you all about our latest inventions—designed specifically to help you keep up with the frantic pace of business and technology change.

We may host Oracle OpenWorld, but it is your time to share your journeys, talk about your successes, reveal your struggles, and tell us what we could do better. It is time to connect with your colleagues, compare notes, and acknowledge that change is tough, but necessary. It’s also time to tap into a network of like-minded professionals to help you grow your career and succeed in your business.

You Represent Us

Oracle CX sage Rob Tarkoff and I will be delivering a joint Applications keynote titled “How to Turn Change into Opportunity with Oracle Cloud Apps” on Tuesday morning, September 17.

Because there’s nothing we could do or say that represents us as well as you, our customers, we will feature four organizations that capitalized on change and chose Oracle as their business and technology partner: Industries for The Blind and Visually Impaired, Ferrari S.p.A., Hilton, and Hearst Corporation.

As a quick preview, IBVI will share its inspirational story and explain how it is achieving its mission of employing as many blind and visually impaired individuals as possible. Ferrari will share some of the secrets that help it deliver experiences that symbolize excellence and exclusivity throughout the customer lifecycle. Hilton will explain how it is rethinking the employee experience by offering HR tools and digital assistants that improve engagement and make the complex simple. Hearst Corporation, at the heart of the constantly changing media industry, will describe how it has been able to stay ahead of change by acquiring and onboarding new media properties at a rapid clip.

Four different size organizations with different business needs in different industries—all making a choice to outpace change with Oracle as their partner.

You’ll be interested in this.

On the product front, without stealing any of the conference thunder, we have made a lot of updates. To put this in context, during this calendar year, we will update our Cloud Apps more times than all of the upgrades in the history of PeopleSoft, E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, and Siebel combined.

You’ll hear about our exciting advancements in the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). We will dispel some of the hype and myths—AI/ML is not a magic bullet and will not eliminate the need for humans—and expound on data, algorithms, and feedback loops. We will also discuss our approach to AI, how we incorporate the human element as a design principle, and how and where AI should get infused throughout business processes.

A few more topic teasers of note include a new UX paradigm via digital assistants/bots, new partnerships, new industry solutions, new IoT innovations, powerful new customer data management capabilities, and a first reveal of the look and feel of our reimagined user experience. We want to share how we are continually enhancing our Oracle Fusion Applications suite with even more new capabilities driven by you and other members of our broader customer and partner ecosystem.

As part of our commitment to deliver the best cloud service in the industry, you also will hear about opt-in features, our initiatives to achieve zero downtime, and how to quickly and easily move to the cloud with Oracle Soar.

Take note of the cultural shift.

Whether you attend Oracle OpenWorld or follow us from afar, we want to acknowledge the much-needed, fundamental change that’s going on at Oracle. We are a business that itself is in transformation. We’ll continue to build great products, while we consciously align ourselves with the markets, the world at large, and you, the people we serve. We know actions speak louder than words and we hope you notice.

See you in San Francisco. It’s Go Time at Oracle!

Executive Vice President, Oracle Applications Product Development

Steve Miranda is executive vice president of Oracle Applications product development. He is responsible for leading all aspects of product strategy, product development, and product delivery for the entire portfolio of Oracle Applications and related services. Miranda’s primary focus is on delivering the industry’s most complete, proven, and innovative set of cloud solutions encompassing enterprise resource planning; supply chain, human capital, and enterprise performance management; customer experience; and Oracle Data Cloud applications.

Miranda joined Oracle in 1992 and has held a variety of leadership positions within the development organization. In 2007 he was asked to lead the engineering of Oracle’s next-generation suite of software applications, Oracle Fusion Applications. Under his leadership, Oracle has delivered on its promise to help applications customers innovate and remain competitive while leveraging their existing IT investments and increasing the value of those investments with new Oracle products and services.

Prior to Oracle, Miranda worked at GE Aerospace. He holds degrees in mathematics and computational sciences from Stanford University.

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