Modern Developer | September 4, 2017

Oracle NoSQL Database 4.5: Big Developer Advantages

By: Guest Author


By: Laura Ramsey 
Manager, Oracle Database Developer Communities

You have a NoSQL database that is fast, reliable and sophisticated. It's time to build applications that can take full advantage of the transaction performance, security and accessibility to make it really Big. 

Oracle NoSQL Database 4.5  is now available for download and includes features that provides distributed, highly available key/value storage that is designed for high volume, latency sensitive applications. The new features in Oracle NoSQL 4.5 make it easier to build applications that can execute highly secure, high-velocity transactions. 

We're quickly incorporating features for the next generation of applications. Here are just a few developer advantages delivered by Oracle NoSQL 4.5:

Streaming API for Tables

Oracle NoSQL Database provides a new Streams API based on the Reactive Streams standard that allows users to subscribe to changes made to tables by puts, updates and deletes. 


Drivers, Drivers Everywhere!

Oracle NoSQL database supports a long list of drivers including  Java, C, C++, Python, Node.js. The new version includes a C# driver that allows native C# applications to access data stored in Oracle NoSQL Database tables using the basic get, put, and search operations.


Support for UPDATE in SQL query and JSON

Added UPDATE statement support allows users to perform single-row server-side updates with SQL. The UPDATE command syntax supports the standard SET clause, as well as extensions to support ADD, REMOVE and PUT clauses for adding and removing elements and fields to/from arrays and maps. The existing Oracle NoSQL Database path expression can be used to identify the target fields to update both inside JSON datatype or in the strongly typed datatypes.

NoSQL 4.5 also allows developers to use SQL to query schemaless JSON data.

And, remember the Rest Data Services API for exposing the Oracle NoSQL Database tables as REST API endpoints allows data stored in tables to be created, queries, updated, and deleted using REST with JSON filters. Now developers can build REST-based applications that can access data in both Oracle Database and Oracle NoSQL Database.


Want to do this in the cloud?  Here's where it gets interesting. Check out these resources for installing Oracle NoSQL 4.5 on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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