Sunday Jul 27, 2014

Involve Me and I Will Understand

There is an old Chinese proverb that says, "Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand."

It reminds me of all the times in the long-ago past when I made a new purchase--something for my home that had to be installed or a ready-to-assemble piece of equipment or furniture--and how I struggled with the instruction manual! Trying to understand all the pieces and parts and how they fit together! Frustration would ALWAYS ensue--sometimes accompanied by words uttered that cannot be written here.

Then something wonderful happened. The companies STOPPED printing instruction manuals (although you can still get them online, of course). At first, they came out with "Quick Start" guides with pictures. That was a little better. You could sort of SEE how they were trying to show you how to get the thing put together and working.

But then something even MORE wonderful happend! The companies started offering online videos so you can WATCH it all come together--and learn the technique of HOW it comes together. Better yet, if you still need more INVOLVEMENT to really UNDERSTAND, you can interact with a customer support person--through chat or other methods--to complete your project.

So what does my story have to do with Oracle and the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions applications? Well, Oracle offers all this interactive support for its customers. And ALL Oracle customers, whether or not they currently license the Campus Solutions product, can log on to the MyOracle Support site to watch videos about the many different product features delivered in Campus Solutions.

These videos, called Transfers of Information (TOIs), are created by the product developers who actually design and build the features and functionality. So you are getting your information straight from the builder. The videos range in length from five minutes to 60 minutes or more, depending on the depth and complexity of what you are seeking to learn...or assemble. Each video typically includes an overview of the feature, the different aspects and use cases for it, how to set it up, and how it can be used.

Most of our Campus Solutions customers use these videos to evaluate whether or not they want to activate a new feature for their users. They learn what is involved to 'turn on' a new feature and what the benefits and uses will be for their students and staff. If they decide to take on the new feature, the TOIs show them how.

We also have several videos that provide informative overviews of various new features in Campus Solutions. Now you can be INVOLVED and UNDERSTAND! Try it!

--Oracle Student System Teams

Friday Jul 18, 2014

Students at the Center: Leading the Way for Student Success

What if you could build a personalized student center for at-risk students? What if this center could invite the student in and provide him or her with a clear pathway to success? Good news! Oracle provides you with the tools to do this as part of the Campus Solutions suite and another Oracle customer experience solutions.

You define your criteria for what constitutes an at-risk student--skipping a term, grades below a certain level, attendance, etc., could all be entered as criteria. Once the at-risk profile is complete, you can then create a step-by-step communication and action pathway to guide the student through all the steps and resources available to keep her moving toward her educational goals.

Examples of resources and actions managed and tracked in the personalized student center could include initial and continuing communications with the student, setting up an advising appointment, requiring the student to take an online workshop, asking the student to sign a commitment agreement, providing the student with easy-to-access links to tutoring and other aids, etc.

The system lets you automate the actions and establish prerequisites and subsequent tasks to move the student through the success process without ever losing touch. All of this can be prebuilt and automated and is available today in Oracle's Campus Solutions.

We've got a lot going on in the student system teams and are working closely with customers and the HEUG to move ahead on continued development for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and a new Oracle Student Cloud. Come back here for more stories, news and information!

--Oracle Student System Teams

Friday Jul 11, 2014

Start with a Solid Framework—then Do it Your Way!

Why not make software like you would build a house? Why not provide a solid foundation and structure, but allow the homeowner to personalize it by the way they finish the interior and exterior to suit their needs and tastes? And why couldn't you make it flexible enough so the homeowner could easily update and refine the look and feel as their requirements change over time? Why not put the power back into the hands of the owner?

Well, that's exactly what the Campus Solutions product teams have been doing with their student solutions. Oracle provides its Campus Solutions customer with frameworks that put basic functionality in their hands so they can more easily change and adapt as needed.

For example, colleges and universities need an efficient way to upload test scores from external organizations such as ACT. But the testing organizations frequently change their formats or fields, requiring changes to the receiving software to ensure accuracy of the data. Not anymore! Now a framework is delivered in the Campus Solutions product that allows institutions to take the external data source and map how that will be pushed into the student system quickly and easily...and with the reassurance that the data will be accurate.

Another delivered framework allows you to add data elements without customization. For example, if you have unique data that you need to report to your governing body, you can now add these new requirements to the system yourself without customization.

Other frameworks and tools provide your business users with power and flexibility for reporting and analytics. They don't have to wait for IT departments to program for them. What's more, your users can use these tools to build their own custom dashboards and reports that deliver just the information they need, when they need it and the flexibility to change it all--at any time!

And all this functionality has been delivered to Campus Solutions customers with each bundle--at no additional cost! CS puts the power in the hands of those who use the software and most need the information.

We've got a lot going on in the student system teams and we are working closely with customers and the HEUG to move ahead on continued development for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and a new Oracle Student Cloud. Watch this video to learn more about Oracle's investment in higher education. 

--Oracle Student System Teams

Tuesday Jul 08, 2014

Guiding Students to a better Online Experience with Your University

With the cost of tuition on the rise and student loans creating staggering debt, college students today (and their parents!) want to achieve their education goals in as short a time as possible. Whether looking for a degree, professional certification or training for a new marketable skill, students are anxious to complete their program and minimize their debt.

With that in mind, the Oracle Campus Solutions team, working with its higher education customers, made sure their new Student Activity Guide feature included functionality to help students make the right choices and take appropriate actions to get them to their goals.

Although the Student Activity Guide can be used in many, many ways by colleges and universities to guide their students through steps necessary to accomplish any number of tasks, one of the best examples is steps required to graduate. You can watch a brief demo of how Student Activity Guides work on YouTube.

An additional plus for you is that the activity guide can be personalized to fit your unique requirements and enrich your students’ experiences at the same time. What’s more, Oracle has developed several typical activity templates you can grab and use to save them time spent on creating your own. All this was delivered at no additional cost to Campus Solutions customers when the last bundle of upgrades went out.

This flexible, enhanced functionality is made possible using a framework technology developed by Oracle. Come back here for more about these flexible frameworks and what’s ahead for Campus Solutions.

--Oracle Student System Teams

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