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Four Facts You Might Not Know About Oracle for Research

Amy Sorrells
Global Communications, Oracle for Startups

Recently, Alison Derbenwick Miller, Vice President of Oracle for Research, was a guest on “Kickin’ it with Karan” with host Karan Batta, where they talked about Oracle’s program for researchers and how Oracle Cloud is enabling breakthroughs in discovery. Although a relatively new program, the caliber of the research collaborations the program is engaged in is impressive. As host Batta remarked, “These are world-changing things. Many don’t realize some of the projects Oracle is involved in across the globe.”

Below are four key takeaways from the interview, providing some facts you might not know about Oracle for Research. You can watch the full video here.

World-changing projects are happening

From COVID to climate change to cancer, researchers are embarking on world-changing projects with Oracle for Research. Take, for instance, Dr. Dan Ruderman of the Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine of USC and his breast cancer research that could democratize the way we diagnose and treat the disease. Or Dr. Adrian Mulholland of the University of Bristol, whose research into 3D modeling of molecular dynamics is enabling new ways to develop vaccines for COVID.  Around the world, across all disciplines, researchers are working with Oracle to make faster progress toward real, meaningful change for humanity.

Cutting-edge research pushes cloud to new heights

It’s not just researchers who benefit; Oracle’s products are getting stretched and pushed by demanding research requirements. And that’s making Oracle Cloud more robust and powerful. “Researchers are really interesting to Oracle not just for their research, but also because they use Oracle Cloud in ways commercial customers might not,” says Derbenwick Miller. For example, researchers use Oracle’s HPC Cloud for simulations that require massive mathematical calculations and computational power. Their feedback allows Oracle to develop better products that benefit both researchers and our customers.

It’s more than cloud credits, it’s a partnership

While Oracle for Research offers generous cloud credits for research, the program goes beyond just free tech. With a focus on collaboration and community, the program provides hands-on consulting, technical mentoring, custom images and tools built for research, and more. “By working collaboratively, we help researchers start using Oracle Cloud quickly, optimize their workloads, and reach results faster.” Working with researchers at Royal Holloway, University of London on their carbon capture sequestration project, the Oracle for Research team optimized a configuration that worked with the researcher’s software package on Oracle Cloud and cut their research time in half. “Oracle has helped us break the barrier of how much computational power we have in the lab,” says Dr. Saswata Hier-Majumder, who was the principal investigator on the Royal Holloway project. As Derbenwick Miller says, the dedicated team of technical experts and architects within Oracle for Research allow researchers to focus on what they know best – research, discovery, results, and ultimately, solutions.

Bridge to commercialization and community

Most researchers in the program prefer to stick with academics. But for those who might want to commercialize, or connect with other innovators, Oracle can help. “One of the advantages of being a sister program to Oracle for Startups is we can help connect researchers with innovators who might want to commercialize their discoveries,” says Derbenwick Miller. Providing this community connection unlocks potential in many ways. For example, Kinetica, a startup in Oracle for Startups, which has done work with the San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI), now engages with Oracle for Research to unlock new opportunities for researchers, including a project with the government of Denmark and a local research university in Denmark.
Oracle Cloud offers researchers autonomous technologies, high performance compute, GPUs, machine learning and artificial intelligence tools, and more, all protected by enterprise-level privacy and security.  And while the foundation of the Oracle for Research program is Oracle’s Cloud technologies, it’s the technical collaboration, nurturing community, and commitment to researcher success that set the program apart.  Contact us to explore how Oracle for Research can help you accelerate your research-driven discoveries.

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