IT Innovation | April 21, 2015

Oracle Excellence Awards - Recognizing Unparalleled Success

By: Lauren Harris


Striving for success is what drives Oracle and our
customers to continually discover innovative uses for Oracle technology and to
deploy groundbreaking solutions and best practices. This is why I am delighted
to enter a new season of Oracle
Excellence Awards
where we have the opportunity to recognize those
customers that have excelled in driving business value working in partnership
with Oracle.

customers amaze us with their successes, and we appreciate the chance to
celebrate and acknowledge their wins. The Oracle Excellence Awards offers that
opportunity. One example - recently, we were honored to feature some of our
winners in the March/April 2015 edition of Oracle
you’re looking for a little inspiration for the start of the week, I encourage
you to read the articles (pages
. I especially enjoyed reading how our winners are transforming their
organizations through leadership. I could not have agreed more with Marty
Schoethaler, VP and CIO of Archer Daniels Midland
, when he made the point that IT organizations need to have strong
relationships with their full leadership team. Mr. Schoethaler noted that he
spends a significant amount of time with his organization’s business leaders as
they work through challenges and initiatives. I believe (and know) that this
applies to all of us. Whether you are in marketing, communications, technology,
sales or support; innovation and success are won - not in a silo - but
cross-organizationally. This highlights one of the key features of the Oracle
Excellence Awards. Our winners don’t just innovate; they break down barriers
and build relationships both within the organization and outside. They are
leaders in every sense of the word.

Oracle Excellence Awards provide an excellent opportunity for some of the
world’s leading organizations to display their biggest wins and what they’ve
learned. One can only imagine what our 2015 winners have in store for us.

learn more about the Oracle Excellence Awards and to make a nomination, visit Oracle Excellence Awards.