IT Innovation, Oracle News | August 15, 2017

Oracle Exadata Applications Can Now Run on Next-Gen Cloud Infrastructure

By: Jeffrey Erickson | Director of Tech Content


Oracle’s Exadata system is now available on Oracle’s next-generation cloud infrastructure. This combination of Oracle Exadata with Oracle Cloud’s bare metal compute and storage services enhances all stages of application development and deployment through faster connectivity, provisioning, processing, and database access, allowing customers to move their most demanding applications to the cloud. 

Oracle Exadata already supports high-performance database operations. Now, “Oracle’s next-gen infrastructure optimizes all the other pieces that support the application, in addition to the database” including servers, storage, and the networking, according to Kash Iftikhar, Oracle vice president of product management. The result, he says, is that “applications that do high-demand work, such as real-time targeting, analytics, or personalization can now run in the cloud with extreme performance.”

Opening the Cloud to Existing Applications

Oracle databases in Exadata Cloud on next-gen cloud infrastructure are completely compatible with those deployed on-premises, enabling a smooth transition to the cloud and an efficient hybrid cloud strategy. This provides a unique opportunity for Oracle customers, says Iftikhar.  

“Other cloud services cater mainly to an individual developer who wants to build something new and scale it over time,” he says. Whereas “customers of Oracle’s service might already have hundreds of applications that they have been running for years.” With Oracle Exadata Cloud on next-gen cloud infrastructure, says Iftikhar, “We give those customers the options they need to start taking advantage of cloud.” Whether that’s “moving some applications wholesale without changing them, or moving them and enhancing them with other technologies, or even replacing them with one of Oracle’s many SaaS apps,” he says, “we give them options we know they need.”

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers self-provisioning of multiple bare metal servers in less than five minutes, each supporting over four million input/output operations per second [IOPS]. The combination of these powerful servers, block storage that linearly scales by 60 IOPS per GB, and now Oracle Exadata Cloud on the same low latency Virtual Cloud Networks, help ensure that applications run at unparalleled speed.

“With the power of Oracle Exadata, customers using our infrastructure are able to bring applications to the cloud never previously possible,” says Iftikhar. “They’re doing it without the cost of re-architecture, and achieve incredible performance throughout the stack.” 

Director of Tech Content

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