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Top-Four Benefits of Combining UCaaS with Failsafe SD-WAN

During its early years, the value proposition for a failsafe SD-WAN solution – i.e. one the delivers MPLS-class high availability and predictable Quality of Experience (QoE) – such as Oracle's revolved around its ability to deliver MPLS-class performance at a fraction of the expense of actual MPLS, thanks to the ability to augment or replace MPLS with broadband transport options such as DSL, Cable and 4G LTE. Today, a failsafe SD-WAN is far more than a cost-cutting solution – it's also an engine offering improved application performance and an on-ramp to real-time and highly interactive  applications based in the cloud, including valuable collaboration solutions like Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) suites.

How can you balance cost, complexity and performance in UCaaS deployments?

On paper, UCaaS makes life easier for enterprises by providing a streamlined communications platform built from the ground up for their mobile and highly-distributed workforces.

UCaaS seamlessly combines telephony, messaging, screen sharing, videoconferencing and more into a powerful cloud-based service that's both easy to scale and simple to manage. As an organization grows and evolves, its UCaaS deployment can scale to meet changing business and staff requirements without any of the complicated configurations or hardware management of a traditional PBX.

So what's the catch? Start with the Wide Area Connectivity (WAN) used to access UCaaS. When you shift all of your vital real-time communications to the cloud, the WAN must accommodate greatly increased demand and QoS requirements. Dedicated WAN connections from UCaaS providers can help, but are pricey, while broadband Internet links by themselves lack the built-in QoS, let alone end-to-end QoE, to ensure an optimal user experience.

Top-Four failsafe SD-WAN benefits

Failsafe SD-WAN solutions strike the right balance between cost, ease of management and performance when making the move to using widely available Internet connectivity and UCaaS:

  1. Incorporation of inexpensive transport options like commodity Internet into a failsafe WAN capable of prioritizing and efficiently transporting demanding UCaaS traffic like VoIP and video
  2. Preservation and leverage of existing MPLS circuits, without requiring a costly rip-and-replace.
  3. Beyond the hard dollar cost savings versus WANs using only low-bandwidth, expensive private circuit WANs like MPLS, failsafe SD-WANs deliver cost reductions in the form of higher UCaaS reliability and lower downtime, which together boost company productivity.
  4. Bundling carrier-agnostic SD-WANs directly with the UCaaS solution is a natural fit. By pairing them, UCaaS, SaaS and other communication service providers simplify their customers' journeys to the cloud and enable them to focus more on business-related matters than the technical aspects of their WANs.

Driving deeper into the SD-WAN-UCaaS connection

Oracle recently hosted a UCaaS & SD-WAN webinar featuring a joint customer – Riverside Transport Inc. – a senior executive from RingCentral, and technology analyst Lee Doyle. This interactive session detailed the synergies of UCaaS and failsafe SD-WANs, noting how to reliably deploy services such as VoIP and SIP trunking and the overall shape of the market for cloud-based communications. To listen/watch, visit this page.

In the meantime, please visit our FAQ or request an Oracle demo at www.oracle.com/sd-wan to learn more about the benefits of SD-WAN for UCaaS and other solutions.

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