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Software-Defined Networks Crucial to Digital Transformation

Andrew Morawski
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Communications, Networks

Modernizing networks so that they flex with customers’ needs is critical to success for virtually every business focused on CX.  An article in SDX Central, “Why Is SDN Networking Important,” gets into the details of answering the question: Free of the constraints of big iron, what can SDN really do?

For one, decoupling network functions from dedicated hardware and embedded software will make life a heck of a lot easier for network engineers and administrators, closing the traditional abyss that existed between requests to IT for functionality and actual utility by business users and end customers. Rather than 12- to 18-month lag times, their teams will move much faster on innovations around 5G, AI, IoT, and more—and all while slashing operating and capital costs.

With SDN, companies have the chance to offer the type of customer-focused digital experience (DX) typical of webscale players, as well as the agility and flexibility to more rapidly adjust to changing business models. They also get self-configuration and self-healing capabilities so that networks can instantly respond to load and network conditions. That is very important in a right-now world in which networks are “mission critical” to the apps, security and overall business demand of employees, partners and customers.

The ability for networks to be self-driving and self healing will be increasingly crucial, especially as organizations virtualize network functions and push the limits of their enterprise edges. 

To learn more about the importance of SDN, be sure to read the Economist Intelligence Unit’s “The Network Highway of Tomorrow: Redefining Enterprise Networking,” and  the new report “5G Future: Targeting the Enterprise.”

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