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    February 27, 2020

Policy to Grow in Importance for 5G-Enabled Customization of Use Cases & Services

John Lenns
Vice President, Product Management, Network Signaling Solutions

As we’ve written previously, sophisticated 5G policy solutions can help “right size” network resources to customer QoE. Early CSP adopters of 5G will tailor services to the requirements of their consumer customers and valued enterprise customers for applications and devices. Policy management in the 5G control plane will help customize use cases and speed deployment of new services.  

For example, long-time Oracle Communications customer KT Corp., in its network transformation toward 5G, is using the Oracle Communications 5G Core Policy Control Function (PCF) to provide a coherent and unified policy for governing network behavior.

Sophisticated Policy Control is also important for Network Slicing. By logically separating virtualized network resources into specific slices, doors open to new services and ultimately more differentiated, personalized customer offerings. With custom-fit network slices, new use cases will capitalize on 5G’s high bandwidth, massive connectivity and ultra-low latency (i.e., AR and VR, Connected Cars, Smart Factories, and Smart Cities).

As operators look to expand policy control from 4G to 5G, they should seek unified solutions that provide key capabilities, such as:

  • Unified PCF and PCRF for managing both 4G and 5G policies in an intuitive and consistent fashion;
  • Cloud-native approach that provides a seamless interworking and migration between 4G and 5G;
  • Flexible management of different domain-specific policies;
  • Granularity to manage individual and diverse services across slices;
  • Programmable policies that are intuitive and user friendly;
  • Drastic reduction in service delivery time (down to minutes!) by accelerating the design, testing and deployment of new use cases;
  • Testing of policies to further shorten the policy design and deployment lifecycle.

State-of-the-art policy management should enable rapid deployment of new use cases and services by anyone through programmable policies. Operators should be able to customize use cases and deploy new services without requiring software developers to write and maintain policies.  

To learn more about how sophisticated, intelligent policy control can bring operational efficiency and ensure network resources meet the increasingly dynamic demands of subscriptions and users in real time, watch our new webcast “New Operating Models for Network Slicing” and read our SVP/GM Andrew Morawski’s blog Sophisticated Policy is Key to ‘Right Sizing' Resources to User QoE.”

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