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Ok Tedi and Yell IT leverage Oracle SD-WAN to unearth the power of remote workforce

Susana Schwartz
Communications Content Specialist

Even in the toughest of locations, it's possible to have consistent application performance and 99.999% uptime

Essential industries including mining moved swiftly in responding to mandates for socially distanced operations during the COVID-19 crisis. For Yell IT and Oracle customer Ok Tedi, the challenge was to rapidly double the number of remote workers that would keep existing and pending operations in motion throughout its copper and gold mine in Papua New Guinea (PNG). This tremendous undertaking for the company’s 5,000 employees and contractors would ensure mission-critical communications and consistent application performance over remote access.

To meet those demands, Ok Tedi evolved away from aging satellite and copper-based infrastructure toward cloud and managed IT services that would improve network throughput and application performance. The company needed to securely deliver projects including a future IoT initiative faster, cheaper and with improved performance.

With those goals in mind, Ok Tedi turned to Yell IT, whose deployment of Oracle’s SD-WAN vastly expanded network throughput over Ok Tedi’s existing 03b satellite connections. The resulting implementation delivers consistent application performance and 99.999% uptime to remote workers managing mining operations and production.

A unique Oracle SD-WAN technical capability is behind this project’s success. The Oracle solution translates Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) WAN traffic to connectionless User Datagram Protocol (UDP) sessions before uplink transmission. This TCP-to-UDP conversion uniquely improves network speeds over slow satellite connections, and was one of the main reasons Yell IT recommended Oracle.

This same SD-WAN software also reroutes congested network application traffic using an “application fluency” approach, continuously monitoring WAN conditions and measuring cloud application performance for automatic adjustments that avoid congestion and deliver the best user experience possible, even during business and health crises.

With this SD-WAN deployment, Yell IT ensures Ok Tedi’s business continuity through auto-recovery/convergence resolution of network latency, which is based on sub-second inspection of network paths by Oracle SD-WAN intelligence.

This proven technology, connects the world’s most critical organizations, maintaining security and business operations even in the toughest environments. In the case of OK Tedi, there is business continuity even with constant monsoonal weather at the mine site and near decade-old satellite infrastructure. OK Tedi Mining — without skipping a beat — effortlessly handled the unprecedented surge in remote working, while sustaining secure, constant operations.

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