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Meeting the Need for Increased Connectivity in These Trying Times

Jason Rutherford
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Communications, Apps

The ongoing efforts to keep people safe and informed have revealed how interconnected we all are, even during this time of social distancing. Data, video and voice service providers such as AT&T, China Telecom, Comcast, Oi, Shaw, SaskTel, Verizon, Vodafone and others have risen to the challenge by supporting millions of people as they log in remotely for work, telemedicine, emergency services and the all-important connections to socially distanced family and friends.

As a result of efforts to modernize mission-critical operations in their back offices, many CSPs are seeing first hand that automation and process integration have helped to readily engage customers with an online experience that is real-time responsive, available 24x7 and fully functional. They are supporting requests without human intervention in these times of social distancing. It’s great to see the degree to which remote vs. in-person operations are being carried out, for example, intuitive customer self-installation processes or remote trouble shooting and resolution of technical issues that eliminate the need for physical proximity of customers and technicians.  

With so many businesses and families changing their services, pricing and throughput thresholds in their efforts to work and socialize from home, the modernized back office and its connection to digital channels has taken on a greater importance.

Carriers with automated and integrated OSS/BSS can offer flexible rates and tiers, as well as new products and offers for not only existing customers, but people who need crisis-based offers for commerce and mobile access to important apps and web sites. They are also accommodating B2B needs for highly configured “special orders.”

The key is low-latency interactions supported through intelligent activation, fulfillment and orchestration, as well as billing and customer care for continuous availability and real-time interactions. An integrated approach to transforming CX and automating the back-office required that operators identify and automate workflows that today help them rapidly reconfigure the network and accommodate new patterns in gaming, streaming and video conferencing activity. This helps them in their pledges to boost data allowances and expand channel coverage, without raising prices and without pursuing payment in cases involving businesses or individuals hard hit by the crisis.

By fulfilling and managing services automatically, at scale and with agility, and by offering compelling, experience-driven customer engagement even in these toughest of times, operators around the world are differentiating their brands, inspiring customers and driving what will be sustainable future loyalty.

In these challenging times, Oracle Communications is here to help in any way we can. Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or oraclecomms_ww@oracle.com.